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Hi,  my name is HumanBeing. I don't really know where I am on the aromanticism spectrum yet,  but for now I'm saying I'm aroace. I like to do string tricks and read. I also enjoy art.  I guess I figured out I was aromantic(I didn't actually know the word then) from others when all of my friends started having crushes on people. In 6th grade I was reading a book about LGBTQ+ labels with my friends and it said asexual meant you didn't like anyone,  and i was like "That's Me!" I started researching asexuality and learned that wasn't actually what it meant. So then I researched more,  and for now i think im aroace,  but i'm not totally sure.

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Hi there! Figuring out one's orientation can be a tricky thing, but always good to take your time with it. There are a good number of threads on questioning here, so maybe those can be of help to you! 

String tricks sounds cool! Do you have a favorite trick?


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as Erederyn says, there are plenty of threads here for people questioning. If aroace sounds right for you now, go with it. from the way you describe finding out about the term asexual it sounds like you really connected with the idea.

also your profile pic is amazing. love the adorable kitty tower.

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