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Idk what my feelings are doing


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Ok, so I have been identifying as gray-ro for like barely over a year now. But recently I've started questioning my romantic orientation again. So lets start back before I even thought about being on the a-spec. Around March of 2018 a good friend of mine had told me that she had a crush on me and asked if I wanted to be her partner. I had never really even thought about being in a relationship at all but she was nice and so I told her I'd think about it. I ended up convincing myself that I did in fact like her in a romantic way and proceeded to agree to date her. This was fine until about a month or so later I was like 'shit I don't actually like her' and looking back I think what I had felt was just platonic attraction. Anyway I ended up feeling immensely guilty and didn't end up breaking things off with her until August 2020 because I didn't want to hurt her, that plan kind of backfired though. Around like late December of 2019 is when I found the terms graysexual and grayromantic.  I thought it seemed to fit me based on that so I decided to go ahead and id as them. That was all good up till a little bit after I broke up with my ex. I had been talking to this person online since April and I had started to slowly develop romantic feelings for fae. About mid-October the two of us started dating and we are still currently together. December was where my romantic feelings decided to change up how they wanted to work. I have developed like five crushes since then and that's only counting the ones I still currently have a crush on. So uh yeah

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2 hours ago, Perseus said:

two people from another site have suggested that i might be aroflux

I was going to suggest that too. Aroflux can fluctuate from having ni crushes to having a grey or even an allo experience, during a certain space of time. It varies for each person.

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