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QPP with sexual attraction


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So I am in qpp with someone. Both of us are aromantic. However we also both have sexual attraction for each other. That leads to me thinking about them a lot which leads to me worrying that I'm not actually aro. Even though I don't think it's a crush and have no desire for a romantic relationship... Is it ok to be in a qpp with someone and have sexual attraction? I guess it's not platonic anymore but also it's the best word for our relationship... 

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3 hours ago, nonmerci said:

Yes you can do whatever you want. The concept of QPR is that you define your own terms. Probably not platonic if we think about the strict definition but who cares?

Good to know! I posted this in also the fear of what if these sexual feelings are actually romantic but I realized that they weren't.

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Of course, It's fine! The whole thing about Queer Platonic Relationships is that you get to define it with your partner(s). It doesn't have any of the restrictions and expectations of a romantic relationship or a friendship. QPR's can be sexual or non-sexual, monogamous or not monogamous, involve romantic coded activities or not, and it's all valid.

I understand how sexual feelings can, sometimes, be mistaken for romantic. I occasionally get confused about what attractions I'm feeling too.

As for the word platonic: This might not be the most popular usage of the word, but I use "platonic" for anything that isn't romantic. For example, I have a non-romantic "crush" that does not fit the most common definitions of "platonic" because the attraction I feel isn't limited to wanting to be friends. It's very much sexual, intellectual, sensual, and aesthetic, but, instead of calling her my swish, lush, or whatever else, I say squish and, for me, it encompasses all types of attraction that are not romantic. It's ok to use words in the way that fits you best!

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