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Rainy Robin

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I'm new to Arocalypse but I've been on AVEN for a few months now. I figured that since I've been thinking I'm somewhere on the aromantic spectrum for a long time now, I might as well make an account here and meet other people like me!

I knew I was asexual before questioning my romantic orientation, and I've found it much harder to figure out the romantic side of things (as I've heard a lot of other arospec people say). I'm not in a place that I can even adequately label or describe different types of attractions I may/may not feel, so instead of talking about that I'll share some things about myself that are unrelated to aro/ace stuff!

I'm an obsessive reader (fiction, mythology, art history) and love music and painting even though I'm not very good at either of those things. I also like hiking, cooking food, and watching animated shows. I really liked Bojack Horseman and am working my way through She-Ra right now. Feel free to message me if you want to chat, I love meeting people :) 

Also, my username and profile pic is the same in this site as in AVEN, so feel free to message me there instead if you want.

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Hiya! I think there's actually a term for people under the aro spectrum who don't understand what romantic attraction is-- Quoiromantic! I'm not sure how mainstream it is, though. 

Welcome to the forums!

(Let me know when you finish she-ra!!! I've rewatched the last season at least three times, now.)

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Thanks for the recommendation to check out Quoiromantic! I'll definitely need to learn more about that. :)

And thanks for the welcome! I'm desperately trying not to binge watch the rest of She-Ra so I can really savor the episodes, but it's so hard ? I'll definitely let you know when I finish it though!

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