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Is there a symbol for aromanticism?

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Ello, ello! Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there an accepted symbol of aromanticism? Like, a symbol to wear on a necklace or something? Like the black ring for asexuality, or the rainbow for gay (or just the LBGT+ community as a whole). I’ve heard things like a white ring thrown around but I was wondering if there was a solid, accepted symbol?

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1 hour ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

You mean aside from the aro flag? Not really. There's the aforementioned white rings, as well as arrows, but those could also be taken to be just... You know, an aesthetic thing.

Gotcha. I would like to get an aromantic flag phone case or something like that, though!

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I'd say frogs. Get a necklace with a green frog. It's not like official or so but I feel that we own the frogs.

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Guest Sylva12

Though it's not associated with being just aromantic on itsit's own, if you happen to be aromantic and asexual, the spade is used as a symbol(as apposed to the ace of heart generally being used for alloromntic asexuals)

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