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Aro Zine - Anyone Interested In Participating?

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Hey all! So something that I very much want to do is make an aromantic zine. I know that there are already a couple out there, but tbh there can never be too many! Also it could be a fun little thing to work on during this here quarantine we're all in. I have several ideas as to what /could/ be included (outlined below), but absolutely nothing is set in stone, and I'm very open to suggestions. Anyone at all could make a contribution- I myself would probably want to contribute some writing, as well as organization/facilitation of the whole process. Tbh I've never done this before, so there would probably be the odd bump in the road, and I would welcome advice/help from anyone who actually knows what the hell they're doing, just so y'all know. Please let me know if you're interested in participating in any way, shape, or form! I have no idea if there's any actual interest in this kind of thing, so please lmk!

Current Ideas:

  • The Colour Green (i was thinkin a kinda poetic, kinda humorous rumination on the colour green, symbolism etc)
  • Inhuman (voidpunk! hell yes)
  • Aro Affirmations (basically what is says on the tin)
  • No Romo Love Stories (short stories of non-romantic love, whether it be loving your friends, family, pets, world, self, or literally anything else. a nice little feel-good section!)
  • This World Wasn't Made for People Like Us (navigating this world as an aromantic person can be tough- how does aromanticism affect our day-to-day lives? where do we rub up against the system? in my brain this is kinda a comic, but entirely text-based is also obvs a possibility)
  • Answers to Those Awkward Questions (a more humorous section! creative and funny ways to respond to the nagging questions about romance/marriage/love/etc)
  • The Vocab Quiz (a lot of the time, coming out as aro means having to teach people a hell of a lot of new words.... that they never seem to remember. wouldn't it be nice if we could reinforce their learning with a quiz to make sure they actually retain this stuff? here you have it! formatted to look like an actual vocab quiz!)
  • Aromanticism: Past, Present, and Future (historical and philosophical stuff! there isn't a whole lot of aromantic history, but there is some! where did this community come from, where are we now, and where are we headed? also potentially include stuff/interviews/quotes from older aromantics! hell yes)
  • Aromanticism is Punk as Hell (more of a collage page in my head. also pretty much what it says on the tin- an aropunk moodboard kinda deal)
  • Aros in the Spotlight (famous aros! the only one coming to mind rn is Moses Sumney, but i know there are more- im just too lazy to google that rn)
  • Aro Tunes/Movies/Books/Etc. (aro friendly media! as well as songs/stories/etc that resonate with aros)
  • Aromatic Aromanticism (this is more of an iffy suggestion tbh. based on how similar the two words are- what does aromanticism smell like? would be cool if someone with synesthesia would maybe wanna do this? idk man)
  • Aro Art by Aro Artists (art!!! in all its glorious forms. doesn't even have to be on the topic of aromanticism, though that would be totally rad ofc. just want to celebrate the wonderful and talented artists in this community)

interested? please fill out this google form for prelim contact info! https://forms.gle/Hz9BLYciaRKW554k7

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This seems like a cool project (I saw tumblr post first and reblogged it there), though I don't think I'll have the time to actively participate since I seem to be involved in too many projects to begin with.  I'm unsure if the ideas you list are intended to be just things to be included or if it's supposed to be options for a theme to center the entire zine around; if the latter, I'd caution against the "No romo love stories" one, because even if it's looking at very diverse implementations of love, placing emphasis on having a certain amount of love of any form can be kinda alienating to some people.  Another suggestion for just how to like...feasibly implement things, is to set up a discord server or something that people who are interested can join, or at least to set up a google form where people can more formally express interest and you can gain email addresses to contact people, bc currently just seeing if people are interested but not really having a way for people to sign up or for you to contact specific people who are interested, it will be hard to practically start doing things.  This sounds like a cool project, I wish you luck!

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@Magni thx for the tips! (the list is of things to be included, not overall theme options! but i do appreciate the advice abt the no romo love stories thing, i really don't wanna be alienating to anyone). The google form idea is really good, I handn't quite figured out how to go about that part of it!

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