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  1. This is more of just a post to get my thoughts out, but if anyone else has something to add then obviously that's fine too. I've identified as aroace for several years now, but honestly at this point, I don’t even know if I want to call myself ace. Like, I am, practically speaking, but at the same time it really hasn’t been a part of my /identity/ for a long while now, not really. And don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate how much that identity label has done for me, but also I don’t feel at home in it or the surrounding community as much, even though I still don’t expereinece sexual attraction and highly highly doubt I ever will. I've also realized that I’ve been gradually shifting my involvement in the aspec community out of ace spaces, and even out of aroace spaces to a degree, into more fully aromantic ones. On insta, I mostly follow aro specific accounts, same goes for Tumblr, and there’s a reason that I have an account on arocalypse and not on AVEN- I just don’t really connect with the community anymore. I think in large part this is due to how much more my aromanticism affects me on a daily basis, how much bigger an influence it has on my experience of the world and how I fit in to it, more than my asexuality ever has. Partially, of course, this is also due to the issues I've seen within the (online) asexual community, the transphobia and arophobia in particular were hard to deal with as someone who is both trans and aro, but just the general toxicity that becomes hard to ignore at a point. And I really don’t mean this as shade on the ace community, these are just things that I haver personally experienced in my years being involved in it. So I think I’ll just be calling myself aromantic, for a while at least, to see how it feels. Maybe I’ll play around with labels like non-SAM aromantic or archaro and the like, but for now, im just aromantic. Maybe I can just call myself a very sex and romance repulsed aromantic. No need to really define sexual orientation. I’m aromantic. I happen to also be sex repulsed. I do not call myself ace, and that is alright, at least for now.
  2. Nothing of that sort really comes to mind, there are books in the general area of aromanticism, but no proper anthologies or the like as far as I know. Totally the kind of project that I would be happy to contribute to and work on!
  3. Hey ya'll, I was just wondering if any of you folks know of any books/articles/interviews/etc that discuss anything in the realm of romance culture/amatonormativity/the like. I'm hoping to do a research paper on the subject for my English class this year, and I was hoping for resources I could actually cite in a formal paper, so that I could know what kinda shot I have at pulling it off before I commit myself to the idea. Thanks a million
  4. I say absolutely, if that reading makes you happy, read it that way! The wonderful part about media is that the control over the interpretation is almost wholly ceded to whoever consumes it once it has been put out there. I personally love the thought that some the dwarves are aromantic! Gods, I think I'm gonna go and reread some of his stuff now!
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