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Hey, so I was wondering if anyone knew a site where you can order rings online? Just simple ones, like what we sometimes wear to demonstrate that we're aro? That would be awesome, thanks!

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Both links are the most safe for me. Amazon always send my purchases on time and I haven't had any problem with it. Etsy is another option too, I like more etsy cuz it usually is made by hand and I feel I am contributing more to smaller organizations (Amazon is big).


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The file from my ring didn't want to upload as jpg. sorry
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I don't have a ring sizer so I prefer to try before I buy, but if you know of stores local to you maybe think about giving them some information on what you want and get them to hunt because they probably know many more contacts/products. I got an ace ring from a local fashion shop, I told her what I wanted and she had stock in storage. Apparently not on display because it was 'too simple'. 

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