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Switching to Grey-romantic

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I've thought quite a bit about this lately, and I believe I should instead use the label of grey-romantic instead of aromantic. There are people who have never felt a crush in their entire life. They have no desire for a romantic relationship either. They can use the label aromantic if they desire. Aromantic is "absolute zero" on the romantic scale.


In contrast, I have felt a crush in my life. It was at the age of 35 and I would guess it was less intense than how alloromantic people would feel it. It didn't lead me to a desire for a long-term romantic relationship with her. My one and only experience with a romantic relationship also showed me that I really don't want it.


As a leader, albeit a small one, in the aromantic community, I need to be more honest with people and be sure to choose the correct label to describe my feelings and experiences. So, I'm grey-romantic. A very dark shade of it, close to aromantic, but grey nonetheless.

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