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Any ideas for a word to use instead of qpr?


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I'm going preface this by saying that I do not have the energy to explain to someone what I mean by qpp, and that if I am interested in having something similar, I need a new word. One I thought could work was the term 'friends with benefits' but that doesn't cover half of what a qpp covers- and not just in implying that someone is 'more than a friend' but in how limiting it is. It implies that we aren't friends at all at the least and at worst it implies a toxic relationship and on top of that it's not a term I'd use to describe a partner to someone. 'Partner' also poses an issue for obvious reasons, even if it is technically true as well. The assumption would be that I mean romantic partner.


Would it be corny to call my 'qpp' my partner in crime?


What I'm really asking for is if aros have any terms that equate to qpp that we made. Something I can use to describe my relationship without stepping on anyone's toes. I ask because the only other term I could use completely sucks and doesn't cover my level of commitment. And qpp doesn't cover how it can potentially be unplatonic.


Edit: aha, I misread something in the qpp thread whoops. I'd still like a word that doesn't have platonic in it but turns out qpp is not illegal for me to use.

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13 minutes ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

Fellow jaeger pilot

your reply is the only one that will ever matter.


Edit: in all seriousness someone give me a suggestion before my high on caffeine ass goes and coins a term.

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I’ve imagined alternating between “partner” and “friend.” And honestly if other people get confused about what exactly our relationship is as a result, good. I’d just find it funny. 

“Companion” seems like the most accurate term for me, but it has some doctor who connotations unfortunately so I’m still debating that one.

Also, the word “friend” had a lot of interesting associations back in the day (I mean like ~400 years ago). Let’s just say it went way beyond what we think of in terms of commitment and affection. What I’m trying to say is that words are what you make of them, ultimately.


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