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romantic situations rather than people


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Despite the fact i've never really had any romantic feelings for anyone, I always dismissed the fact I might be aro because I absolutely love romantic moments, the cliche stuff like someone throwing rocks at my window so we can sneak out and go for a midnight drive and watch the stars, or standing outside a party in the cool breeze, with the music sounding rather muffled while we share a cigarette, or running across a field in the rain laughing, or sharing a milkshake in an empty diner somewhere in the desert, i could go on.

But whenever i'd talk about this with people they would entertain me for a bit and then be like "yeah but we can also just stay in and cuddle and make out all day,' which to me sounds dreadfully boring:/

Kissing looks really cool in movies n stuff but i really don't see the point? That's for food not smushing against someone else.

One day I was at a concert with a guy i kinda knew and he was flirting with me all day and I  pretended not to notice, but then during the show he told me and asked if he could kiss me, and I said yea bc the situation was so magical, with the pretty lights and soulful music n shit and i knew i'd regret it if i didn't but i felt absolutely NOTHING, it was kinda disappointing.

So yeah i think i'm just an aro dude who needs some good friends to do whack shit with because you don't need to be dating someone to sneak out with them at 3am and get high in a skate park.

There's a quote by the 1975 that has really stuck with me "don't fall in love with the moment and think you're in love with the girl."



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32 minutes ago, Holmbo said:

I enjoy kissing, but yeah cuddling is boooring. I've tried the "friends with benefits" relationship and it didn't go well because I got so bored with all the physical stuff.

Tbf i've never properly made out with anyone so i wouldn't know if i liked it, though one time some guy at a party gave me a hickey and i definitely liked that haha. I just don't get the "uwu cuddles i love u" shit 

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1 hour ago, WrenIsNotMyRealName!! said:

Sounds like you prefer the aesthetic of romance rather than actual romance, which is true for me too.

Yeah i'm beginning to understand that now and starting to separate the two, it's making it easier to accept being aro

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