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  1. So as there’s a sparse amount of aro pride merch, I’ve made a redbubble focussing on aro/ace designs:) It would mean so much if you could check them out^-^ [I’ve made them as cheap as I can:]] ( Donnie’s shop )
  2. It’s no problem! If you have any other questions any time or need advice I’m down to help
  3. How many crushes have you had? It's likely just a period of not being attracted to anyone, which is pretty common. But I do understand hating romance yet longing for it haha. Not being romantically attracted to people yet wanting romance is called cupioromantic. I identify as grayromantic as i've only ever had a crush one time (i'm 17)
  4. I am trying to discern whether the strong anxiety I feel when people try to make close eye contact with me or act in otherwise intimate ways, such as playing with my hands or talking in an unusually soft tone is due to being arospec. It may be because of ADHD, avoidant attachment, being an only child or mild social anxiety, though I assume all of these are interconnected in some way and contribute to this strong negative reaction. I am interested to hear others' experiences.
  5. Every test has consistently given me INTP but I identify with both INTP and INFP, definitely don't agree that everyone is in a strict box and predominantly either uses feeling or thinking. They must be able to occur parallel rather than at opposite ends to one another surely? But yeah I do find it fun and pretty interesting seeing people in different categories tbh. Also interesting how many INTX on here
  6. Personally I enjoy it, but i do still think it's kinda gross and overrated
  7. People would likely view allo aros just as wanting to sleep around and there probably wouldn't be as much respect for that character as an asexual ig. Plus people find romantic subtext in everything, an aro they can't really ship so (mainstream especially) shows won't waste their token lgbtq character on someone they can't queerbait the audience with imao.
  8. When there's just loads and loads of fluff, i'm sure the characters are enjoying themselves but I really don't see the appeal of reading about people cuddling and 'whispering sweet nothings.' both boring and icky
  9. Absolutely, i'm incredibly grateful for my friends but i'm so bad at maintaining friendships and we're all finishing school next year:(( Just kinda sucks bc I have difficulty approaching people I want to talk to and will probably lose my existing friends rip
  10. Allo's say they 'can't focus on stupid work bc I am thinking of themm <3' which to me sounds awful, especially as I have ADHD, meaning I already have problems with productivity. But I am also not trying to impress people I don't like, on dates I don't enjoy. I am not constantly having to sacrifice things for my parter, telling them everything I intend to do so as not to offend, or stepping round their emotions, always wondering if I said something wrong. And thank god; I find my companions not based off of oxytocin and dopamine releases, chemicals which will inevitably fade
  11. It's interesting to me how many of us are into D&D, i've noticed the same thing. I've also wanted to play it for years but none of my friends do so I've never really had a proper game:((
  12. Yes omg I think going on badass adventures with would be cool! Definitely doesn't have to involve romance like it always does in books/movies smh. Though I don't really mind a romantic undertone in action or adventure if it adds another layer rather, than feeling forced and slowing down the plot People on here are super accepting and positive! It's not something easy to find in other communities and it's pretty neat not feeling abnormal for once
  13. I've spent so long wishing for a relationship that I didn't realise romance actually kinda sucks. I thought a romantic partner would be cool, but I only ever fantasised about scenarios in which we'd be rebellious and go out and do crazy stuff bc that's all romanticised in movies, never just lying around cuddling in bed (the weird ideal allos seem to obsess over) which, first off just sounds sweaty n gross, and also so boring I'd probably be forced to jump out the window in search of an escape lmaoo. I'm a stimulation seeker not looking for romance haha, so after the beginning with the hormones
  14. It really does make a lot of sense when you think about it, strange how the media is so obsessed with love, there's so many other cool things that are much more entertaining! But yeah i do think movies and songs and everything about romance is what lead to that feeling of missing out, without it it would just be another thing someone else liked that i didn't (beer for example)
  15. haha yeah and i get very invested in my interests, for example if i'm going through an obsession with a band that is literally all i think about and listening to them will give me immense joy and i will absolutely cry over them so i get where you're coming from😂
  16. So i know i don't feel romantic attraction to anyone but i can't help but feel i'm missing out? People talk about how falling in love is the most amazing feeling in the world and i want that but i don't feel it://
  17. Yeah i'm beginning to understand that now and starting to separate the two, it's making it easier to accept being aro
  18. Tbf i've never properly made out with anyone so i wouldn't know if i liked it, though one time some guy at a party gave me a hickey and i definitely liked that haha. I just don't get the "uwu cuddles i love u" shit
  19. I think i'm probably aro at this point, as for asexuality i think i'm grey ace maybe? idk but it's interesting someone relates:)
  20. So i'm 17 (male) and since i was 13 i've desperately wanted a relationship, when i was 13 i'm pretty sure i had a crush on my best friend but she didn't like me back, and i was in a really bad place anyway so i don't think i could have kept it going. Since then i have felt absolutely nothing for anyone, there have been about 4 instances where people have flirted with me and i went along with it hoping that i'd develop feelings (and also because i like being flirted with?). But then they'd ask me out and i'd panic because i couldn't possibly enter a relationship where i felt nothing? I wouldn't
  21. I am like this too:(( I really want to experience the amazing feelings associated with love but I just don’t feel anything and when people act romantic with me I just get bored and it sucks so bad
  22. I’m exactly the same woah! I really want a relationship as people describe it as an amazing feeling and I hate missing out:(( but I just don’t feel anything and it’s frustrating, when people want to be romantic with me I just get bored:// so I think I’m cupioromantic and I kinda hate it
  23. It's annoying bc i absolutely love things like people playing with my hair, lightly stroking my arms or other sensory stuff and cuddling but my friends would probably think this is weird as these things are normally romantic stuff. I just really like being touched haha
  24. hugs are good if they are occasional and with someone i'm close with, sometimes it's just nice for comfort or to show someone i care abt them:) I really don't get hugging people you just met and doing it all the time it can be so awkward:/ Cuddling is the same ig, sometimes me n my friends just kinda lie on each other and idk i just really like the contact. As for kissing i've never seen the point it just looks gross
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