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ASAW 2020 Results


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I wanted to discuss what everyone did for ASAW this year and share our excitement. 

It was my first time celebrating it and I wanted to focus on posting relevant information, especially because I felt like there wasn't enough info in my native language. I have a small, but active twitter account, so I made several threads about aromanticism and some of the terms related to it. A couple of people actually told me they could relate to what I was talking about and realized they could be aromantic too, which is already more than I originally expected :D

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That's really cool of you! It's always great to connect with people, especially over identity.


This was also my first time celebrating! I really enjoyed myself. I p much spent all my spare time and energy working on ASAW shit for AUREA, which was intensive let me tell you. We have a great series of interviews with aros if anyone is interested though! Here's a shameless plug: https://www.aromanticism.org/en/asaw lol.


I had planned to contribute some stuff of my own, but there was no way that was going to happen. I realised a few days in that I should have prepped in advance and was rather disappointed I wouldn't be able to do any of the prompts or challenges. And then ASAW finished and I looked over all the stuff AUREA, and I, and the community had done and I felt satisfied! We did some good fucking work!


I have since started working on a fiction piece for AroWriMo though and Carnival of Aros is still ongoing. I hardly missed out despite things not going to plan. I don't know, so many unexpected things happened during and with ASAW and I love that! I had a good time.

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I wasn't able to get as much done online this week for ASAW because I got hit by a bad week at work that had the worst timing, but I am really excited that I was at least able to help put on a good offline event this year! We had a "chocolates and chats" social mixer in a community room at the local library, and at least 10 people show up (plus a few more who had timing conflict but sent their regards), which is good turnout for an area that really doesn't have any kind of organized aromantic community yet! And so now working on that is our next goal :)


Also, while I wasn't a part of this since I graduated long ago, some of the folks at my alma mater organized a students-only aro spec week event where they collaborated with the university archery club to have a combined archery 101 and aromantic 101 event, which is such a clever idea and one that I"m super jealous of (and maybe potential inspiration for folks next year!)


I was also lucky to work with some of the folks at AUREA and Aromantic-Official, along with a few other aro activists to help set up a shiny new Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week landing page than can be used as a centralized warehouse for posting updates as new dates, events, and campaigns are announced, especially for folks who don't use tumblr.


On the sillier side, I was happy to see a plethora of aromantic frogs, which I only recently discovered was an aro thing (maybe? If it wasn't already I'm definitely all for making it one).

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I announced to my closest FB friends group that I'm aro... I'm not calling it "coming out" because I'm straight allo-aro, and that feels like not my language to use... 

The reactions were ... muted? a few likes and one person saying that they think that they may be aro-ace (they were already open about being ace)... 

I didn't really expect much more, because how do you expect people to react when a 47 year old says this? No one on my emo-list is going to be an asshole about it, and it's not like suddenly someone might realize that I might be attracted to them when they thought I wasn't, or anything like that... me being aro has exactly zero impact on any of my friend's lives... so... cool, I guess.

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I pre-gamed asaw even, bc on the tuesday before (11th) I did a presentation about the basics of aromanticism to the queer student's group that i go to. that was both extremely stressful and satisfying lol. last year i think i did the prompts on tumblr or something, and this year i did some things pre-asaw - created infographics about aromanticism that our amazing volunteer translators translated to russian and german and then during asaw even someone did italian too!!

then i shared the infographic on my personal instagram and made and set my facebook profile pic overlay to an asaw one and monitored what was going on on social media


in general, it was definitely active, satisfying and tiring for me this year!!

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