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What events helped you realize you were grey-aro


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Sometimes people see only in black and white, either one or the other, for or against. There is also grey. How did you realize you were grey-aro, or what experiences helped you see this?

I realized that I was grey-aro a few days ago. I couldn’t really relate or see how or why my friends got into or tried with relationships. I noticed that I very rarely had any sort of romantic attraction, few crushes. I also saw how I never had any relationships, much unlike my friends. I was confused and wondered if what I felt had a name, and I searched the internet for these feelings. And that is how I discovered that I was not exactly aromantic, but grey-aro. 

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I discovered the word asexual and do some reasearch about it. I find out about aromantic this way. Then it was not really an event, but a lot of introspection that leads me to identify as greyro : wondering about what I thought about as crushes before, the concept of squishes, how I place myself on the spectrum.

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