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  1. OHMY this topic is so interesting, why it doesn't have enough visibility?? It happened that I aksed some friends what it's like to be in love or having a crush and I find the answers pretty interesting, even if lots don't know how to describe it instead, lol Personally, I get confirmations about me being aro reading this kinda thing, 'cause it just freaks me out :'D
  2. Yeah it's the same for me! It depends by how the romantic stuff is delivered to me, I really like romantic moments and also I'm moved when characters say "I love you" to others I ship them with, but at the same time I'm repulsed by all those cheese sentences I find on pinterest or by those kind of moments that usually make people goes "aaawww I want that too!!" and I can't stand movies or books that are all-about-romance, ew.
  3. Well if you're not aro you're going to be helpful to us in understanding romance stuff! ahahah :'D Welcome!!
  4. This applies to me so much lol The few times this happens to me, I usually don't take it as "a crush", 'cause - well - I'm not actually interested in making something about it, I mean, I enjoy the person company, want to share time with them, think about them a lot, maye don't wanting them to be in a relationship with others, but don't ever wanted to do any romantic stuff at all, like i dunno holding hands, kiss, saying romantic stuff or else. I don't feel the need to "make a move", if this means something to you ahahah
  5. I'm definitely not the right person to make assumptions, but - as an aro - I can tell you that I also lived this: and about your relationship, maybe you gotta ask yourself if what you feel towards him is just deep friendship, or if the problem is only about physical contact (I don't like physical contact either, as in holding hands, hugs, and stuff, but also don't ever imagine myself doing couple stuff with anyone, it just doesn't feel right to me) Hope this could be helpful! But in the end I guess it's up to you understand if you're aro, greyaro or else! Reading others' experiences on this site helps a lot, go take a look!
  6. Unexpectedly Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies, 'cause I like to read it as a fairytale about being able to give love to whoever, no matter the form, the look, or even the race and the skin colour, it doesn't bother me that Belle's love is intended as romantic love, I like her 'cause I think she's able to see the beauty in the different ❤️ very lgbtaq+ for me Yes, thank goodness we also have more modern movies like Mulan or The Emperor's New Groove and we discarged the old annoying true love kiss stuff... (talking about disney movies, I always tought that Tiana is on the aro spectrum and her romance is a bit forced)
  7. If it's Jotaro Kujo to tell me I'm not a bad person I feel blessed, ahahahaha No, seriously, it's hard but it's definitely better not to be a dick about it, even if it's apparently inevitable for them to put us just-friends second place..... gh. Yeah, I totally get the feeling, it always happens, tsk. Friends < partner
  8. Always thought that The Little Mermaid is a very stupid movie and never get why all girls find super romantic what she did :'D just... no, c'mon it's stupid
  9. Let's say I've got squishes veeery rarely, but when it happens - as me being a very possessive person, even of friends - I just feel this annoying jealousy towards them and don't want them to be in a romantic relationship with others, even if I know I can't (and don't want to) give them one with me, so I wonder if anybody here ever felt the same? And I mean only I don't want them to have girlfriends, not other friends. (ohmy this is so selfish, I know and I'm ashamed, but can't stop feel this way, lol)
  10. I discovered what I am is aro reading stuff and others' experiences on this site, like a mindblowing moment where most of the things I read sounded OMG THAT'S SO TRUE, so give it a try :'D And like it was already said: even if later it will happen to you to feel romantic attraction, you'll be able to set yourself confortable in the greyaro label, if you want ('cause never had a romantic attraction in 17 years feels surely not alloromantic to me)
  11. I'm not greyaro, but I think that you could get if you are one if thinking about being aromantic seems limiting to you.
  12. I do think it can be a thing, if it happens to you it can be. (this is so relatable)
  13. ^^^ THIS Love the mindblowing moment, lol
  14. Final Fantasy XV showed me that this song could be about friends and very important people, not necessarly lovers, and since then I LOVE IT, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL Stand by me - Florence + the Machine
  15. Yeah, I do think this is a problem, even now I find myself lacking of someone who could put me first place (not counting my parents), thing that everyone else has or could have in the future, having a partner and stuff. I hate that everyone wants a relationship 'cause this way everyone around me will eventually have one and I'll remain alone, 'cause people put partner before friends all the time, often even before family. This is why I'm learning to do everything by myself, ohohohoho
  16. I surely can't handle emotions derived by romantic ones, like when people feels deep sadness 'cause of their lovers or ex ones, I just can't understand them. Not sure if this answer correctly your topic...
  17. I definitely feel the same way! Even if - usually - after knowing that I'm aro, people asks me if I'm ace, too..... like, it happened every times. Also, I noticed that people seems to be more interested in the absence of sexual attraction, those filthy ones! lol
  18. After discovering I'm aro, I also discovered that lots of things I tought were common were not and also that i don't understand lots of things. I mean, like I sincerely thought that two guys I met during an event asked me out 'cause they found me interesting and wanted to become friends... I was told by some friends that it doesn't work that way. Also apparently it's actually a thing that people can fall in love at first sight and also can constantly think of a person or couldn't stay without such person. I had no idea. I thought it was a movie-thing! THIS ^^^ I live in almost constant anxiety every interaction I have with guys, 'cause I'm always afraid they could read my actions and words in the wrong way and NO PLEASE I'M NOT HITTING ON YOU (specially friends, I hate to lose friendships 'cause of this)
  19. I do think it's possible to be influenced to becoming aro or something else, but I also think it's possible to be born that way, 'cause we live in a society where is given so-very-much importance to romantic love, we're surrounded by romantic love stuff, so much that I myself tried to fit in for a long time, before discovering that being like me could be a thing and also has a name. So yeah, I put "born aro" 'cause I've always lived romantic love in the same conflictual way, I don't remember a time when it was different.
  20. Ok this, despite being the number one answer an aro could get, it never occurred to me... til two days ago, when I told my mom (she was talking about some her collegues and how they said they were aro and how amazing women they are, so I took the chance) and among other things, she said that. I rolled my eyes so much. I also discovered that my granma was aro! Mom told me stuff about her that made me realize it! Amazing, and she never knew there's a name for this way of being...
  21. yay, thank you all!! And the ice cream seems a wonderfult welcome gist, i already like you guys, ahahah Well, I guess it's more like people tends to think that love is more important to them than friendship, sadly :/
  22. (Not sure if a topic like this already exists (this forum is huuuge), so I'm sorry if that's the case, you can erase it!) The title already says it: when you tell people you're aromantic, usually what comments do you get in response? I didn't tell it to lots of people, but as for now, the majority lacks of interest. Is more like they don't trust me, or believe is a sort of trend or something, not an actual way of being and they tend to pass over the topic. I'm super frustrated by these people. On the other hand, few instead asked me questions about it, 'cause they didn't know aromantic is a thing that exists, but they're interested in knowing more "if it's not a too personal question!" and bless them! One even asked me what do I think during my days if not about romantic stuff like he does and thinks everybody does, LOL!
  23. I blame the lack of public knowledge of the existance of aromantic as a concept, for my late discovery!! Nobody told me about its existence!
  24. OHMY, I read the book years ago when everybody was reading it and I literally throwed it away when she was desparing for months 'cause her boyfriend left her and she even tried to kill herself and COME ON--- is this how people feel love??? And all the girls were delighted by this stuff! I don't think it's a good example for teenagers. Btw, I vote for Moulin Rouge. All that drama-- all that songs-- ew. ((Actually i don't watch many romance movies, usually if someone put one on I run away))
  25. Hi! I wandered on this forum for months and finally I decided to subscribe, 'cause I've been to the Gay Pride in my city and there wasn't any aromantic stuff and I dunno any aromantic people, so here I am, ready to share some aromantic thoughts with this lovely community! (or at least try, I'm like super shy, gh--) I discovered aromantic is a thing just this year, like few months ago, thanks to some comments under the song "Love love love" on youtube by a bunch of people talking about how the song is "for aromantics" and I was triggered, so I asked google and UOH, a new world disclosed in front of me!! (I'm guessing sort of everybody had a mindblowing moment like mine, lol) SO, hi, I'm an aromantic-maybe-asexual-or-at-least-greysexual giraffes lover, I'm from Italy (so I beg your pardon for my english), I'm a free-lance artist and comic artist wannabe, I hate when people put love before friendship, I like to ship fictional characters but lack of interest as long as they get togheter, aaand... uhm what else... I love you all in the community (not romantically, ehe) 'cause I read lots of your stuff here and I already feel at home!! ❤️
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