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Telling people about being aromantic has had mixed results -- rant


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So, I started identifying myself as aromantic to people over the last two days and it hasnt gone so well with one person, who is incidentally gay. Im still pissed off about the barely even tacit level of acceptance he gave me. It also didnt go so great with my mom, though better than with this guy, thankfully. I was reading some posts on here complaining about discrimination against aro, including from the lgbq+ people. If they are so sure that we do have these romantic feelings (give or take) that everyone is assumed to have, why dont we deny that THEY have these feelings themselves? Yeah thats passive aggressive I know, but it would be funny <<<EDIT: BUT SHOULDNT ACTUALLY DO THAT, ITS JUST A VENTING THOUGHT ? >>>.




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Hmm…somehow, i feel like they would scream about homophobia or something like that.


But if you want to try it, be sure to be safe. I don't know if i will, interacting with arophobes (and aphobes in general) is really stressfull. They are just horrible sometime.


(also, sorry to hear it didn't go well... )

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25 minutes ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

Yeeeeeah that would not be funny. I mean you could try it on straight people, sure, but don't you dare do that to a gay person

Ah, that's right. I was just thinking about them being aphobes in this context, but yeah they are still gay and it would be right of them to say its homophobic. Well, homophobia is probably not the right way to answer arophobia.

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You could do it in a kinda hypotetchical way. Like if a homsexual/homoromantic person says something like, "you just haven't met the right person yet" you can respond with "how do you know you just haven't met the right person of the opposite gender yet?"

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