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  1. It would be interesting, but not helpful. Because aromanticism is a direction moving away from an extreme, not something going in two directions. Therefore, you need to observe the extreme pole in order to gauge the amount of difference between aromanticism and romanticism.
  2. I havent disliked it every time to be honest. There was this one girl from Europe who I have to say...she knew how to make kissing about as sexual as you could imagine. But that was the only reason I liked it. I dont generally like kissing because it just gross and it feels to personal and emotional. But honestly i have a lot of strange sexual interests and fixations so it wouldnt be out of line for me to not be into kissing primarily for sexual reasons. So, the romantic repulsion to kissing could just be a bonus.
  3. You sound aromantic to me. Read this thread: http://www.arocalypse.com/forums/topic/2349-what-a-crush-is-like-according-to-allos/ If you cant relate to what these people describing their crushes then I would just start saying I was aromantic, if I were you.
  4. But you see how weird it is right? Like what the hell are these people talking about? I have never felt like that in my life. 🥰
  5. So I put together this compilation of descriptions from certain question / answer forums on the internet. These are the more extreme responses and the most romantic that I could find. There were hundreds of more answers that were brief and not nearly this extreme. But I think this clearly shows what a crush is like when it is intense. This is the quintessential meaning of "crush" as it is used by allos. The question of what is a crush like has now been answered in a satisfactory fashion. At least for me! I hope this helps those of you who may have felt confused or curious too at some point.
  6. I wrote an essay on this subject, couldn't help it. If anyone is interested enough to read this novell please be my guest. 😀 Otherwise, this summary basically wraps it all up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * * * Im seriously starting to question if I have ever had a true crush! Until now I thought I had experienced a number of crushes going back as far as age 10 (nearly 11). BUT that doesnt seem to be true anymore! First I
  7. Edit: this post is on people who think of themselves as aromantic and sexual, its not about aromantics in general. Also, I just use the term "arosexual" here for convenience and because it has a nice ring to it. I dont meant to suggest that anyone use that term to publicize knowledge about aromantic sexuality. Im not sure what the best terms would be. The concept itself is what I care about mostly. Others have said so frequently, and I agree, that there is a major visibility problem for aromantic sexuals (for convenience, arosexuals). Looking at youtube everything on the subject of aro
  8. Oh woops, I was really tired. I had a sentence saying that we shouldnt actually DO that! I deleted about half the post before I actually posted it.
  9. So, I started identifying myself as aromantic to people over the last two days and it hasnt gone so well with one person, who is incidentally gay. Im still pissed off about the barely even tacit level of acceptance he gave me. It also didnt go so great with my mom, though better than with this guy, thankfully. I was reading some posts on here complaining about discrimination against aro, including from the lgbq+ people. If they are so sure that we do have these romantic feelings (give or take) that everyone is assumed to have, why dont we deny that THEY have these feelings themselves? Yeah tha
  10. Thats what I did! But honestly it feels shitty doing it because you know you are faking it, bored, and resentful at having to do this. Maybe, but try getting a normie girl to have sex with you without kissing. For about 99% of them this is a prerequisite and if you dont do it they bounce.
  11. Okay, SO, I found this site literally last night when I couldnt sleep and was googling something else. What the hell! It all makes so much sense now. I always knew there was something "weird" and different about me when it comes to romantic feelings, or the lack thereof. But I thought it was due to my some other issues, like a phase I would grow out of, or because of my psychiatric/trauma issues. Now I see, that those issues aside, there is nothing wrong with me not having those romantic feelings the normies have. I am fine the way I am, I am simply aromantic. That is, I do have low grade roma
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