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Coming out vent

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I think this is the right topic form, not too sure, if not, let me know and I can post it in there 



So after a while of thinking about everything, I’ve come to the feeling that the demi romantic label fits me well and I managed to pluck up the courage to come out to a very close friend of mine and it just seems that he dismissed it quickly since I’m not romance repulsed  and idk it just sort of hurt quite a lot :/ especially since I kinda wanted to tell more people but I think I’ll just keep it hidden for now 

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10 hours ago, Blackmoon13 said:

he dismissed it quickly since I’m not romance repulsed  and idk it just sort of hurt quite a lot

You're friend in uninformed. Aromantic spectrum and romance repulsion are two different things. When I was a child I kept saying "love is a beautiful thing" everytime I saw people kiss on tv. I planned to get married (mostly because I wanted children I guess, I wonder éd about how I will call my children, not about how my hussand will look or romantic things ?). And I am still on the aro spectrum.


Plus it's you who know how you feel, people can't just say "no you are not" as if they know better than you your experience...


I'm sorry your friend réactions like that. Maybe if you talk about him about that he will realize he was disrespectful, or he would have think of it. The problem of aromanticism is that it is not a well-known label, so sometimes when we want to come out we end up educating people.

Anyway, don't let one bad experience keep you from coming out again if that what you want. Some people are in denial, but other will be supportive and happy to liste to you. 

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Yeah I don’t think he is but I don’t exactly know how to bring it up with him or anything and try to educate him but hopefully I’ll be able to explain it more at some point and I may come out again to some people at some point but I’ll probably not rush into it 

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I know it is discouraging when people react in a way that hurts but I would encourage you to come out to some of the other people you feel comfortable coming out to, especially if they are in a separate friend group than the friend you mentioned. Of course be safe and only come out when you are comfortable  but other friends may surprise you with good reactions and restore your faith in humanity.  

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true they might do, i mean i have a few i said i was questioning it to a while ago and they still seemed supportive of me, may come out to them when the time is right but it is very disheartening with the dismissing of it quickly 

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