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ARO and/or ACE documentary


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Hello community!


My name is Alexandra Roca, I'm a filmmaker (www.alexandraroca.com) currently developing a film documentary project. I reaching out to people who identify as ACE and/or ARO to explore the concept of love and inclusion. We are currently looking to document a personal story to understand and celebrate different perspectives. If interested, please get in touch: media@alexandraroca.com

Best, Alexandra 

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I'm interested, but first I'd like to know a little more about the project:

  • What, specifically, is the documentary about?
  • What is the overall statement this film is trying to make?
  • Where will it be shown?
  • Who is funding this project?

I would love to have aro representation in documentaries, but I'm not agreeing to anything without further details. I know it's unfortunately very easy for members of small communities and countercultures to be talked into doing documentaries via misleading info, and then they find out the film is actually presenting them as some sort of freak show weirdo cult. (I've heard a lot of horror stories about this from the lolita and goth fashion communities, so suffice it to say I'm a bit cautious.)

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Yeah, I also think it seems interesting but you're not really giving us a lot of information to go on, both logistically and in terms of content.

  • You said "a personal story" and "different perspectives"...are you planning to do one person or multiple? if multiple, do you have plans to represent diverse experiences? (for example, aro ace, aromantic allosexual, alloromantic ace, people who are arospec but experience some romantic attraction, etc?)
  • Basic logistics? can it be done virtually or must it be done in real life; where are you based? presumably people must be over 18, but are there other restrictions such as where people are from?
  • Can this be done anonymously/via pseudonym? what are your plans concerning privacy of participants?


I am also curious why you are doing this project/what made you aware of it or motivated you to do it? Also yeah generally more information about the content and what you hope to achieve would be good.

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Hi @Jot-Aro Kujo @Magni and @SnailSatan , thanks for your messages!
We are currently putting together a pitch and learning how to best portray and explore the concept of "Belonging", and reaching out to people before I put together the materials / proposal to have representation and make sure we're telling the story the way you want it to be told. I totally get what you're saying about conveying a story in a certain way, that is not beneficial or positive to an individual, or individuals. This is not the case for this documentary -- Our aim is to make it as personal as possible so that people can relate, even if they didn't know these possibilities and diverse experiences existed before, and maybe (hopefully) can inspire others to explore their own inclinations further. In terms of how the story is told, we (crew) would be a shadow, enhancing how the story is being told but the captain of your story is YOU. Please check my work for reference, my style is verité and intimate and I really make an effort to move away from "sensationalist" styles of work. 
The documentary is for a mainstream platform but it will be released via the internet and social media, mainly instagram.
Funding: a grant from the platform if it gets picked up (PBS / POV).
Answering questions below:
* Ideally, we would follow 3 people to represent diverse experiences and perspectives in a one-to-one dynamic 
* It wouldn't be done virtually, we would go to you (fly, find accommodation and adapt to your situation and timing)
* Dates are TBD but we would aim for the summer
* It wouldn't be anonymous. You have to want to share and tell your story publicly 
We would follow you for a few days (day-to-day life) and get to know you. The aim would be to:
1. Understand your perspective and situation (and context. Example: What is attraction to you, why you identify as "y", what made you realize you're "y", how you see love, relationships, sex et al. while seeing your life, and again, getting to know YOU
2. See how we can create awareness about different perspectives that is not the "standard" 
3. Inspire others 
More info, please email me: media@alexandraroca.com 
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