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  1. I am also curious about details/logistics, but am interested. I'll email, but more details are necessary.
  2. I've known that I am aromantic for a couple of years now, but I just found this forum. I'm 18, and my hobby is keeping aquariums. I know that it's common for aros to confuse platonic attraction for romantic attraction, but I initially thought that my sexual attraction was romanctic attraction. It made me feel like a creep, but I felt obligated to try dating due to general amatonormative notions given off by everyone in my life. I went on one date and felt incredibly gross and uncomfortable. Thank goodness we have google and words to accurately describe romantic orientation now, because I'm sure I would have kept trying to enjoy (and fail at) romantic relationships. I've only ever told one person about my romantic orientation (being a lesbian in the south US usually gets people off my back about things, but I'm sick of using this to avoid telling people about my aromanticism due to a lack of understanding). My parents will not know until I am financially independent (they aren't supportive of a lot of my life choices/ways including religion and sexuality, so I walk on eggshells around them). I'm glad to not feel so alone in my lack of romantic attraction online.
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