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Best Friend?

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Hello! I am new here, but I wondered if anyone else here gets the overwhelming desire to find a best friend? Not in a romantic way, but friends? I know that aromantics often get "squishes," (myself included) but those are usually with a specific person in mind. I'm talking about in general, I just really, really want to find a best friend I can rely on.


Thanks, have a nice day! ?

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I feel the same way. I would really like either a best friend or zucchini, because I find it hard to have friends in this society that puts such high priority on romance and I want someone who will be there for me and not treat me as less important than a romantic partner.

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I have had two best friend. One moved away and we were both sad, keeping in touch long-distance makes everything different and not as good. The other best friend also moved away but with distance I realise we had different views on our friendship and it was more of a semi-abusive (like sibling level torture, not like domestic abuse) friendship of convenience. I don't want one best friend because of all the pitfalls, I want a group of close friends :) 

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