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questions about Aroflux


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I was wondering if I was aroflux, and so was wondering if any of you might have some experiences with it that you'd be willing to share?

Additionally, I was wondering if aroflux people could flux on external factors, because I've obviously heard that aroflux people's attraction changes over time, but as well as that I've noticed my attraction tends to dip whenever I tell my 'crush' to someone (not necessarily my crush).

Thanks for any help!

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It makes me think of lithromantic (or something like that, when your romantic attraction stops when reciprocated).

Maybe this catharsis when you tell someone?


Something that I notice is that I felt romantic attraction twice. First time for no reason. Second because the guy was talking in a romantic way, but it stoppedas soon as he finished talking. So yeah, I think that flux can change because of external factors. 


But that's just my thoughts, I'm not aroflux, just grey I think.

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Every aroflux person defines the term a bit differently, I've noticed, but for me, I experience it as changing feelings about romance. Most of the time I'm romance-repulsed (anything romantic directed at me makes me nauseous or panicky). However, sometimes I'm more indifferent. I've never felt romantic attraction personally but there have been times I wasn't as repulsed by the idea.


As for external factors, sometimes talking things through with people and saying things aloud can help you sort through your feelings. Sometimes I used to wonder if I had a crush, but when I 'admitted' it out loud, the actual admitting of it made it real in a sense, and I realized that I had thought wrong. However, it's also possible that your attraction changed because, similarly, admitting it out loud made it real, so your brain realized that everything that comes with attraction would have to follow. Maybe your brain just decided to NOPE out of the situation. Kind of like the catharsis @nonmerci talked about.


In general, if you feel that you flux around different parts of the aro spectrum, for whatever reasons, aroflux might be a good label! Hope that helps. :)

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