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  1. YMBAI you understand how love works on a logical level but you don’t understand how it works on the actual understanding people want to kiss???? level
  2. YMBAI you can turn your “crushes” down. Getting a “crush” is a big annoyance and ruiner of a perfectly good friend
  3. If you want to ID as aro, go for it. If you don’t feel any romantic attraction at this point in time your identity is valid. Maybe later you do experience attraction and that’s okay, because we evolve and change but if being aro makes you comfortable now then go for it.
  4. So I've had a sort of crush type thing on someone for a little while (I say crush type thing because my romantic orientation is a mess), and I was wondering if I should ask them to be in a QPR. Does anyone have any advice on how I should do this?
  5. Hi I was wondering if I was aroflux, and so was wondering if any of you might have some experiences with it that you'd be willing to share? Additionally, I was wondering if aroflux people could flux on external factors, because I've obviously heard that aroflux people's attraction changes over time, but as well as that I've noticed my attraction tends to dip whenever I tell my 'crush' to someone (not necessarily my crush). Thanks for any help!
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