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Hey gang


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Hi yall, I go by Crewe and I'm aroace. I've been feeling left out in ace circles lately because of the general disinterest in talking about aro/aroace specific issues, so I was really excited to find a link to this forum on an aro blog over on tumblr.


I'm a 21 year old college student going into senior year and terrified of graduating. My main hobbies include D&D, writing fanfic, and watching let's plays. Just an all-around nerd over here.


Anyways I'm psyched to meet some fellow aros, I would insert a picture of my dog but I can't figure out how. ✌️

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We here are certainly not disinterested in talking about aro issues (even though things can be a bit slow to get opinions - I choose to blame timezones) 

Can I ask what sort of fanfic do you write? there are some posts about aro representation in literature and fanfiction so it is a good place to mention your work, or work you like :) 

D&D sounds cool, but my only exposure to it is descriptions of games in fanfic! ?

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Oh gosh, thanks for the warm welcome!!


@Jot-Aro Kujo ey-o, gotta love

those dungeons and the dragons. I'm gonna be in four campaigns this semester and I am both overwhelmed and incredibly excited.


@Apathetic Echidna I write pretty exclusively gen, mostly character studies (with like... two exceptions lol). I do have one straight-up This Character Is Aro fic. I write for Critical Role (see: dnd nerd lmao) and a podcast called Campaign that's an actual play star wars rpg podcast that is... like the Best found family.


@AllTalk What kind of dog do you have?? My Honey is a great dane whose size is only rivaled by her cowardice and love of naps(tho she still tries her very best to act as guard dog, bless her heart).

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