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Sensual attraction to a friend


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 Hello im 17 years old and im aro and ace.


No long time ago i had something of my youth momvent that i was out of for two weeks,in the second weeks a new guy join us.


he was a realy nice guy and in the end of the week something wired happen to me, i found myself fantasize about lean my head over his shoulder and after it happenend it disapper .


 My relation with him felt different from my other relations with my squishs , as opposed to squish i had no specific disire to get close to him and talk with him.


It never happend ne before, so my question is something like this happend to you?

and in addition what do you think that even mean?

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Oh I totally get those desires, if I understood you correctly. Sometimes I'll become good friends with someone and I'll want to sit close beside them or lean my head on their shoulder or whatever else. These desires are fleeting though, and I usually never act on them because I feel some sort of social barrier. I never tried to classify it after I found out it wasn't romantic attraction, but sensual attraction sounds about right.

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I felt this once, but it was very momentary. A guy I had a squish on put on his glasses and started studying for a test and I felt an urge to kiss him. It went away as soon as he took off the glasses and never came back (even when he put the glasses back on). It was really weird...

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