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my first pride

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i attended my first pride parade today.  i wore my t-shirt (heart with flag colours) and i was kind of nervous 'cause you know, some people don't think we belong, but while waiting for the train into toronto, someone wearing rainbow stuff smiled at me.  once there, i met up with my friend and a bunch of her friends, two of whom are aro, and i got to talk to one about it a bit.  (also, several of them are poly, like me, which for some reason i didn't mention.)  one simply asked what flag i was wearing, and i told her.  i didn't see anyone else in aro stuff or any flags, but when the group 'ace toronto' went by, i got a little card with info about asexuality and aromanticism.  it was a good time.  have you guys been?

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I didn't realize you were also in the GTA! I also attended Toronto Pride yesterday and had a blast. I painted my face with aro and ace flags (and also genderqueer and non-binary, despite "looking like a girl" with the rest of my outfit). I've been to Prides before but this was the first time I went representing my identities publicly. I experienced that same nervousness you did, but everyone there was so welcoming!

I met a cool lesbian lady from Germany who asked me about the flags and was really chill with my participation too. She said she really enjoyed the Canadian Pride experience, and loved that the celebration doubled as a political statement and kind of educational march. She took so many pictures to show her wife at home and it was adorable. She kind of adopted me for the duration of the parade; we shared my umbrella (lesbian and aro solidarity!).


As for Ace Toronto, I've just gotten involved with them and they're an excellent group! They do monthly social events and also deep discussions and educational outreach. They also officially include aros and everyone a-spec. I plan to attend my first meetup in person with them next month. :)


I'm so glad you had a great time at Pride! (And I hope you had an umbrella because that rain was so unpredictable...) It's so nice to see that real life LGBTQ+ communities include us in the revelries and outreach.

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If anyone is in Southern California, I recommend the San Diego pride parade. It’s in July, and like 100,000 people go. It’s one of the oldest, biggest, most well-established pride parades around. Last time I went (wearing an aro flag shirt), I met a demiro group coordinator too. Can recommend this parade. It’s legit.

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@running.tally yeah, my apartment's downtown but i'm back with my parents for the summer.  i did know of ace toronto before but i haven't seen any specifically aro-inclusive events except for a poc one.  i barely even used my umbrella, i don't mind rain.  i'll definitely go again.

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