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idk if this is the place to put it but here are some Aro things about me

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Holdings hands isn't romantic 

Friends are more important than romantic partners 

PDA is gross 

Cuddling is great with anyone 

I want to raise a child without a romantic partner

Kissing is okay, as long as it's not romantic 

When someone gets too clingy or does romantic things too much I want to push them away because I hate it 

Boys are attractive but only from afar

The idea of having people touch me romantically without my verbal consent is disgusting

Relationships all end toxically or unhealthily and I'm scared of them


When my QPP gets romantic I start hating them, even though they mean the world to me

"Ha ha I totally get it" doesn't get it 

"Who do you like?" No one. "You're lying"

Lying about who I have a crush on to be normal

Having squishes and then convincing myself it's a crush

Feeling broken or unlovable

Being part of a great community of people who support me no matter what


Comment if you relate


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Relatable! I'm such a big cuddler and hand-holder, but people tend to read more into those behaviours than I want them to...

(Also, welcome! Did you get any aro ice cream yet? Even if so, here's some more to welcome you to the community: :aroicecream:)

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