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My name is Ellis and I use they/them pronouns. I am a 20-year-old college student majoring in Sociology. I also enjoy singing, writing poetry, and knitting, and I'm somewhat involved in local LGBTQ+ activism.


I see a lot of stories in media where people say "I always knew I was [insert identity], I just didn't have a word for it", but I was skeptical of the notion that that could actually happen, until I came across the term greyromantic.


I heard mention of this site on AVEN, and found it again yesterday as I was looking for pictures and information for arospectrum awareness week. I'm excited to be here, and want to learn as much as I can.

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Hello welcome here. I'm huge newbie to everything so I can't really guide you and be reassuring. I don't even know what AVEN is :D


But welcome anyway and you knit? I've never actually heard of anyone apart from movie that likes knitting. It's a pretty cool passion. I've never tried myself but it seems like it could be a relaxing hobby. 

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welcome ^^ I'm greyaro too. I was so happy when I read about arospectrum and found the term "greyromantic." it made me realised that I have a place where I belong.

@Costati AVEN is a forum for asexual people (people with no sexual desire) it also has a section for aromantics like us, but to me, I prefer this forum because the focus is much more on aromanticism.

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