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  1. That's hard I'd rather breathe under water <3 WYR fight 5 lions or 50 zebras?
  2. welcome ^^ I'm greyaro too. I was so happy when I read about arospectrum and found the term "greyromantic." it made me realised that I have a place where I belong. @Costati AVEN is a forum for asexual people (people with no sexual desire) it also has a section for aromantics like us, but to me, I prefer this forum because the focus is much more on aromanticism.
  3. Wear a pride ring, I already wear a religious scarf. By the way, we really should agree on a pride ring. I want to start wearing one. WYR spend a week in an abandoned asylum or the suicide forest in Japan?
  4. Bienvenue Costati <3 You're not alone. I'm heterosexual too and greyromantic. In my whole life, I felt romantic attraction once (he was a French guy) My friends always ask me why I don't accept the idea of dating and why I've never dated anyone. Don't worry, you're not broken. I was traumatised when I was little, but I'm not greyaro because of it. You'll find many people like you here. At first, I thought I was alone and weird, but now I know I'm perfectly fine. You need to accept and love yourself <3
  5. but I love high heels lol I choose the ducks WYR be as big as Hulk or live in total isolation in the South Pole?
  6. We should do what makes us happy and follow our hearts instead of social conventions. Having a "partner" is the social norm, but what's "normal" to begin with and who defines what's normal? To me, not being engaged in a relationship is what's normal, and it makes me happy. I've never been in a relationship. It's ironic because guys always end up asking me out. They think I'm fun to be with and "flirtatious" but I'm not, I just deal with them the way I do because I see them as "close friends" but they don't seem to understand this
  7. Live 10 happy years WYR be able to talk to animals or read people's minds?
  8. Hello family, I'm not good at introductions, but I'll try my best to write the most important things. So I'm 23. I identify as greyromantic. In my 23 years, I've had one single crush and I've never dated anyone. When I tell people this, they get shocked/surprised. At first, I thought I just didn't find "the one" (that's what society makes you believe) or I was still traumatised because of my childhood experience and depression, but throughout the years, I realised that I just couldn't feel romantic attraction. I didn't know about the term aromantic or about the aro community, so I thought
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