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I freakin' loved it ! One of my most favourite animated film (and God knows, how many I've watch those xD) !


The film proves that you can enjoy it wheter you're a little kid or a functionnal adult, without a princess and her quest of ''true love'' or -as Chief Bogo puts it--"a cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true."

Zootopia shattered all common clichés of the old Disney movies. The female protagonist is focused on her career. Willingness and/or hard work aren't enough to accomplish your dreams. The character aren't all good or bad, they have their flaws and they're all racists  and dishonest in their own way. Plus, the movie is in itself absent of romance, as the protagonists become friends and not lovers (Yay!)


And it fully uses its large audience to deliver a message against racism , that adults can fully grasped while kids can catch a glimpse of the harsh realities of prejudice and learn how wrong it is to have them.


So yeah, i quite like it :D

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