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so wait am I lithsexual

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I'm sorry that I don't have the answer, but if you don't mind I'll tell you about my experience because maybe I'm in your same boat. Tell me if it's similar.

So you feel sexual attraction in general, but when it comes to real life context you do not have sexual desire?


Personally I do experencie sexual attraction towards women (meaning that -in my mind- I don't despise sex at all), but outside my "personal sphere"  I do not have strong sexual desire.  Other guys seem to be constantly thinking about it and constantly actively trying to have sex. I, on the other hand, feel attracted but don't have this strong sexual desire and when it comes to real life it just disappears. When I think about having sex with someone I know it just seems wrong, but I don't despise porn and what comes with  it (even tho it's getting kind of boring ahahah). I need to specify that I've never had real sex experiences and honeslty I'm not actively trying to have them.


In real life I'm "pleased" when looking at girls that I find attractive, but it's not proper sexual desire. (I'm thinking that mine is mainly aesthetic attraction with some sexual attraction on the side XD). Sometimes tho I even get a sense of disgust after watching porn. (Give me another brain please) 


Sorry if I've invaded your post. I hope to help you and help me at the same time xD 

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I thought I might be lith when I first looked into everything

You are attracted but you don't want to do anything with that attraction was my understanding, which was way off what I had actually experienced.

on another note, I also thought I might be Apathsexual, to be apathetic to sexual attraction fit with my own general apathy to things, hence my name here. (though ultimately that was wrong for me too). Working out orientations is hard as it is all about how you feel and experience things. I wish you luck!

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