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hi ! im brand new here and u can call me holly ! im ace and somewhere on the aro spectrum however the reason ive sought out this website is because im incredibly confused in that area and need some incite. i feel most comfortable saying that im cupio,  but at the same time im conflicted because im generally romance repulsed, which is as lovely a combination as it sounds ! i frankly dont really like being ace and aro, which puts a lot of stress in my life but ive been trying to immerse myself into the community more and maybe find more pride in it in the process. if anyone else here desires a romantic relationship but hates it when it actually happens, id love to talk ab it w someone. i generally find people that i think are 'crush' worthy, obsess over them for a bit, and then get frustrated and upset when i cant feel anything strong for them. on the surface and to most of my friends, it appears to be a crush, mainly because i treat it like one out of hope that it could turn out to be a crush, but it never is and no one ever understands what it feels like. i wish i could take pride in being aro and be ok with it like most aro people, but i havent been able to accept it as part of me. i desire a romantic or sexual relationship, and even considered asking a friend to be my qpp, but it would just be so nice to find someone in a similar situation and just vent about it. thanks for reading !! this site is so nice and helpful and i have no idea why i didnt join sooner. 

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Welcome! :aroicecream: have some aromantic mascot ice cream

I am glad you have decided to make an account so you could have a voice here. Once you start talking and asking questions I'm sure someone will come along and relate, but desiring something you are repulsed by does sound pretty painful! 

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