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Just a new girl here to join the party

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Hello! I'm Kasey. Very comfortably aro & bisexual. I had a recent revelation that navigating the world as a very aromantic lady is stupidly difficult sometimes. So, I'm here to complain to you all. But really, I enjoy the community. [I also have an account at AVEN.]


Some personal stuff about me. I'm approximately 45% bubbly tumblr queen & 55% evil girl boss. In the "real world," I'm a theatre technician (in a male-dominated field), and often too professional & stern for my own good. I care a whole bunch about lgbt+ issues, feminism, mental health, cats, national parks, art history, hair & make-up, etc. I'll probably do more lurking on threads than posting, although it is a habit I'm trying to break. I'm not joking when I say I'm very chatty and talkative, so feel free to strike up conversation with me however you feel comfortable. I'm very open to sharing my experiences and what little knowledge I have, you just have to ask.


Looking forward to a lot of learning and chatting (and complaining!) :)


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Hi, i'm Bella and I identify as an aromantic and I just learned about this website too. I learned about a year ago what the term aromantic was from a YouTube video and slowly I started researching and everything made sense. I look forward to to chatting to people who understand the struggle by the way sorry I'm socially awkward. 

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@James I'm very fond of Zion National Park in Utah. And as lame as it is, I love the Grand Canyon. It can be a little boring, but its the treasure of my home-state so it's special to me. But I also have fond memories of a week I spent in the Ozark National Park. I was there when the wild blackberries were in season. My diet was basically blackberries and trail mix. I love so many parks, it seems impossible to choose just one.

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