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  1. Yes, but I don’t want my whole entire family to know since my mom makes 1-2 hr phone calls with my aunt,grandma etc. and ends up telling them about me and my siblings; who got hurt, doctor appt. results, birthday party plans everything. also they are pushy people who might make me come out to relatives if they put their mind to it. Either they will be very supportive, say I’m too young, or tell my relatives without me knowing.
  2. I’m in middle school and I have been identifying as Aromantic for a long time now. I have came out to my closest friends who have been very understanding. I don’t know if I should come out to my parents because they never talk about stuff like that. They are Christian and I think would be accepting if I was lesbian, transgender, etc. I don’t know how they feel on the topic and need some advice. Oops I am sorry if this is the wrong thread i am new here so this is stressing.
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