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  1. and lastly... http://theviolet-h0ur.tumblr.com/post/137723651407/pros-and-cons-to-getting-married-to-your-best That's all I have. The closest thing to a regular source of aro memes that I know of is whatever pops up on the aaaaace subreddit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. This one is very specific to me, but: I like being aromantic because it matches that I'm asexual. There are some complications that may arise if my romantic and sexual orientation were vastly different from each other, so I'm grateful that I'm a bit "simple" to be aroace. Not wanting a sexual relationship or a romantic relationship is easier than wanting only one of those things, for me 🙂
  3. Every time that the two main characters are best friends and are in a will-they-won't-they situation, and they end up being "just" friends..... I kind of wish they would smooch and be an item. Their relationship is just so well fleshed out! 😭
  4. My favorite dishes are always super simple and easy to recreate, so I vote on beautiful sunrise/sunsets! WYR A) perform a complex, formal presentation in front of a crowd of 300 elderly people with hearing problems OR B) go to a busy public place and break dance while singing nursery rhymes just loud enough for those who gather around you to hear?
  5. You are always wrapped in a blanket... but it's always a thin & scratchy one when you're freezing cold and a fluffy & bulky one when you're overheating. I wish I could whistle.
  6. Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff!
  7. I'll admit, I haven't watched the 3rd season so I'm not sure whether canon has jossed it, but: Taystee from Orange is The New Black. I though of it initially as someone else's headcanon as her as ace and I was like, "Nooo... really?" But it makes sense (at least in context of S1-S2). She hasn't spoke of previous romantic/sexual relationships (though this wouldn't be invalidating either), enjoys close platonic relationships. She said that she wasn't "like that," after her friend Poussey kissed her. Most people interpreted as "being straight, not interested in women," but I thought it was interesting to think that it meant "not interested in romance/sex in general." I don't know, I could list a bunch of stereotypes she fills, but I just feel like she could be aroace because she's never indicated otherwise. I also really like it because she's not a "stereotypical" aroace (ie: quiet, emotionally closed off, serious, loner). She's brash, loud, and really, really funny. Her being my favorite character also doesn't hurt.
  8. I'm still figuring out labels, but I personally like greyromantic because I haven't experienced romantic attraction in a while (2 years), but I am interested in a QPR. Aromantic might be a more accurate descriptor of what I feel, but I think that identifying as aromantic would get me generalized as "uninterested" in anything besides friendships, which I'm not. And my platonic attraction is actually pretty sappy/kind of feels romantic-y sometimes, so I wouldn't say it's a stretch to say that I'm not 100% aromantic.
  9. First, I thought I was heteroromantic and heterosexual. It just made sense since I looked at boys and thought they were "cute." As a kid, being straight was encouraged and I didn't even learn that gay people existed until I was in 6th/7th grade. As I got older (16 y.o.), I realized that sexual desire was a thing for others, and switched my label to heteromantic and asexual. However, even as I came out to my mom as heteromantic asexual, it felt like I was trying to justify myself and minimize the change, rather than being truly honest about how I felt. I didn't really feel like heteromantic was an accurate description of myself. By 18, I realized I wasn't interested in reciprocation, but still felt romantic interest in men, so I went with lith(hete)romantic. A year later, I realized I could be interested in girls and, realizing that gender didn't even really factor into it, I changed my internal label to lith-panromantic. I'm not 100% sure about how to label my identity now, but I know I'm at least somewhere on the aro spectrum.
  10. That's my ideal situation, basically.
  11. I've told my mom I'm uninterested in dating several times, and while I never used the word "aromantic," I'm pretty sure my asexuality has made her think I'm effectively aromantic. (Which I am pretty much, sooooo...) She's trying harder to say "if you get married," as I've corrected her several times, but she's getting more and more vocal about her confusion that I haven't started dating yet/grown out of this "phase."
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