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  1. Wow, nice to see ideas come to fruition in such a pace. Sensitive questions already coming in.. Yeah.. makes me smile! Good work Blue Phoenix Ace!
  2. I mean the possibility of creating a public forum post where the creator is anonymous and can bring feedback to the following discussion anonymously.
  3. Many members of the forum knows another member in person. I can imagine this prevents some very relevant yet uncomfortable questions from being asked and therefore answered. Could it be that some questions one could ask is regarded so senstitive to the asker that you would like to be able to ask and then respond to them anonymously? This is possible on Quora for example, I also know of forums which uses a "sensitive room" which you have to be invited to (earn your right to take part in). I think the former would work better in this case though.
  4. I'm just like you.. simply too withdrawn during times when I'm by myself to ever get measured as an Extrovert.
  5. A lack of romantic emotions to others is what defines aromantic. I would like to go further, is it common among us here on the forum to have challenges concerning alexithymia - more or less experiencing a lack of feelings or ability to explain them (to others) overall? Alexthymia, translates literatlly into, a lack of language for feelings, that is a difficulty to know in any detail what goes on inside you and others - your inner "state", your "bodily" position on a matter (gut instinct perhaps), mirroring the feelings you can understand others probably feels etc.. Some individual
  6. I've started to use Todoist website and app (synced). I like it because of it' up to three nivous of subtask but it It also makes me loose the critical oversight as I then have to scroll to see which project needs to be worked on. It's so boring to fail I'll have to try another way. I'll take a look at the things you mentioned here @Philbo Wiseroot. Thanks!
  7. INTP - 4 of 5 times I taken the test. Narrow interests and a feeling of being an actress in ones own life. 3% of world population.. seems common here Ambivert, no longer introvert grounded in shyness or lack of friends.
  8. I have a feeling relatives asks those questions more than ones family. I'm not saying you should out it for everyone at ones, definitely not, but the chances of an opportunity to talk/discuss/tell about it in a situation other than "apropo of nothing" is greater at those gatherings. I got started to talk this way, in the sense of maybe not feeling that romantic relationship with the whole package is fore me. You on on the otherhand seem much more certain, so maybe outing all the way is the way to go. Only suggesting of the possibility of could be an alternative. Best of luck!
  9. I see doing positive change in others lives as the meaning of life. The unique experiences that we alI have, that is our own life so far, as our mean in doing so. Living life, gathering our unique combination of experiences*, is then our purpose. If life seems meaningful to you then you are truly alive. When you experience large amounts of odd seemingly serendipitous events in your life, that is a proof you are making sense for the world, there and then. When you can be truly grateful for what you have, that is when life can make sense to you. Serendipity grows where you grow - see
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