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  1. This is the mentality I already embraced before I heard about aromanticism "I'm kinda just here". My mindset is pretty much to just be there with some friends and enjoy the view.
  2. yea, I didn't figure it out and got into the most stupid relationship you could possibly think of.. Good thing is I learned some from it ^^
  3. lol I actually use it on a daily basis, the trick is to not look at stupid shit but only , in my case, design, photography, art and interesting stuff..^^ look, just a collection of cool pictures, it's great for that purpose http://thtflng.tumblr.com/
  4. Think about it, 1% is every 100th person you meet. In my old school that would have been 170 people. Not too unlikely that it's something around 1%, but that isn't even really important. What bothers me is, that people that are ace AND aro can basically only be less then that 1%. And between these people in one's area finding one that meets the requirements for some kind of friendship/relation/partnership kind of thing is really unlikely imo. Basically that <1% minus 50% of it because I'm not bi, and considering the location makes a really tiny tiny number of possible aros to meet lost in math tho... I don't think that will help anyone lol
  5. Does anybody know how many people are ace/aro. I read that 1% of society is ace, but both of it? I'd like to know how many are even on this site honestly if there are 10 K people on here, wich are spread across the globe, I don't see myself meeting someone in my area who's aro. I find it pretty weird to think about.
  6. I've been thinking about my asexuality for like, 3-4 months or so, and actually never really looked into aromance because I just didn't consider it. Two days now since and I'm pretty sure I'm aromatic and it was pretty obvious lol. That was my short funny story have a good one guys ^^ Also to whoever created the header graphic of the website, it's awesome great work
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