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  1. Helena by My Chemical Romance cover imminent. Harmonies just got finished up today. Soon it'll be mixed and mastered and then , surprise, cheesy in studio music video.

  2. hey , how goes it?

    1. Acciuga


      It goes well. How about you? 

  3. bouncing on this site. skype to the left. hmu if you care enough to

  4. Showbiz

    1. ArodynamicallyFavored


      can't live with it, can't live without it... Kinda of like having rich in-laws

      *kind of

      autocorrect strikes again

    2. Zema


      How many people here would even have in-laws though?

  5. Guitar : More in the rhythm side of things (Of course open chords and all the patterns you can do in punk, rock and the occasional metal). Favorite type of chord is an octave , mainly because, it's hollow sounding when solo but with the right notes backing it up with bass and a second guitar, it sounds beautifully full and wholsom). I've been learning 'Plug In Baby ' by 'Muse' recently. The intro's quite fun and simple enough for me to do the lead. Bass : 2 years experience learning. I can two finger pick, started a 3 finger picking rotation. Never got the 3 finger picking down too well but bass is really fun. You can do a lot of cool fills and funky bass lines and walking on it. Ironically enough, I know around 8 muse riffs on bass, some easy, some not so much. Vocals : Harsh vox (Fry vocals, specifically )is something I picked up a while ago. It's difficult to do right , I got the initial sound down though i'm learning to put more power behind it instead of just throat usage. Death vox (Growls) are my strong point. Easy to do but with the amount of power I can put behind them, with my diaphragm, it's really good actually. I still need to refine it somewhat with holding my breath and such. DAW : My primary instrument (I use it the most). Written and recorded over 50 songs (A 1/3rd being finished but all lack proper mixing/mastering) Songwriting : What I do at least 3 times a week. Recording goes in this category. If I'm inspired well enough , I write some tasty music : ]. Overall I spend my time writing emo , experimental rock, gothic/postpunk and the occasional cover.
  6. So my discord app corrupted. LOL

  7. Space dementia

  8. Meh. medication. It's a dangerous beneficial road. Meds have a lot of draw backs but a lot of benefits. as a doctor would say, it's a benefit/risk ratio. What benefits you the most with the least risk. On the topic of it being a badge of shame. Honestly, people who view it as such are either ignorant (In the sense of being uneducated on the matter) or silly. It will transform your life and save you, if you need such being done. It doesn't make you any weaker than the person who doesn't need it. Everyone's situation , state of mind and environmental roles are unique and make it different for every single person.
  9. The world needs to listen to more metal music. It has such a calming effect on the angry. Shows let you let out aggression positively. Metal saves lives. 

    1. paporomantic


      Do you think metal should only be listened to during leisure time? I'm afraid it affects me negatively when I listen to it during stressful work, exactly because I get too emotional when it's not recommended.

    2. Will
  10. Beau soir

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Will



      and yes, it was a beautiful night.


    3. Zae


      I don't like french, i was so bad at it in school X3

    4. Will


      I hardly know it. It's more the classical pieces named so meanings I rememeber. I like it though, probably since I never had to take a class...xD. I probably would have a difficult time as well :P

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