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  1. Hi, recently settled on the aroace label :)
  2. Squishes and crushes can be a lot alike, but if there was no desire to be actually romantic with her I would probably call it a squish.
  3. I was asked out today by a friend, and it basically confirmed my aro-ness. I turned him down as nicely as possible, but the emotional fallout and replaying the moment in my head is tortureeeeee. I also discovered that while I like romance in my head/in fiction, I am more averse to it in real life than I thought I was. What about you?
  4. One of my friends asked me out today, and I have never felt more aromantic in my life
  5. You can be aro or aro-spec and still enjoy shipping and not be romance repulsed! I'm demiromantic, but I have only ever had feelings for two people, one a crush that faded after a few months and one person since that I consider myself to be actually in love with (even now). But I don't care about finding a romantic partner, don't really want one......though I used to find the idea of having an S/O to be nice when I was younger. If you haven't had a crush or been "in love" in the romantic sense, then you're probably aro! Fictoromantic (having feelings for fictional characters) people can also be on the aro spectrum. But it can be really hard to discern between being really into someone platonically and being in romantic feels for them, so I feel ya!
  6. Can I say that I like how it makes me feel kinda unique? Is that okay?
  7. I have a few ships. One or two that I'm really into. But typically, I don't ship and even am surprised when a relationship develops in the actual series in many cases. 😂 (Even if it's a romance series!!) But sometimes if it's obvious that two characters are being set up, I will ship them a little bit just cause. But overall, shipping isn't really on my mind too much when I watch things. Also, I hate most romance in Western shows--anime does it better.
  8. I make TikToks and I'm demi/greyromantic, but I don't typically make videos specifically on aromanticism. I'm more of your below average fursuiter and cosplayer.
  9. Romance is a vague kinda concept and apparently it's a new-ish one that didn't really exist a couple hundred years ago. Romance as an emotion definitely exists, but is hard to define in a way that is "one size fits all". I consider myself to be in love with a friend of mine, romantically, but I don't necessarily dream of kissing her, cuddling her, etc.....more I just want emotional intimacy and to know everything about her and to share everything with her and to be around her constantly. I'm fine with doing physical stuff with her like kissing and hand holding, but my desires in regards to her are primarily emotional. I've never felt this way for anyone else. So I define my feelings for her as romantic because of the level of closeness I desire--if she were just a friend to me, I would not agonize over her not telling me things. Maybe my romantic attraction to her falls under the alterous category to some degree, but I personally don't define it in that way.
  10. Dysphoria being the opposite of euphoria......ah, I see! Don't mind me, just had an epiphany.
  11. I ship Goku from DBZ with his wife and all, but a friend of mine headcanons Goku as demiromantic and I agree with her.
  12. Aesthetically, I like blonde, long-haired guys. But I experience aesthetic attraction very little anymore.
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