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  1. wowie! 2 wins in a row! that's impressive!
  2. Free of these, you are now. But for some reason, speak like Yoda, you will. I wish I could have cotton candy whenever I want it.
  3. It's the same for my friends, but those who know I'm aro usually try to avoid the subject of romance and those who know me since my childhood just know me enough to not care about these things around me. But even with them, other factors repulse me from these events anyway such as the amount of sounds, people laughing super loud for no reasons, also just the general hypocrisy going on (because put a bunch of couples in a room and they will just try to show each other how much of a better love story they have).
  4. I just avoid these places, because I tend to find that people become very boring around their special one compared to when you meet them alone or with their friends. And I really don't want to have to bring a friend in case the others would think we're a couple too which would just be too awkward for me to handle.
  5. You don't need to rest for so long for your body to be rested, but it gradually affects your mental health over the years. I wish my body didn't need to sweat.
  6. ***apply cold water on burned area***
  7. CONGRADULATION!!!!!! (but you still don't win the 24h thing)
  8. You are now skinless. YAY! No more problems! I wish I had more ideas of wishes to come up with.
  9. Heyyyyyy!!! what if I posted two times in a row? 200th!! oh.. it just fused them together never mind then!
  10. Thank god the heatwave is finally over... I thought I was gonna melt to death.

    1. ArodynamicallyFavored


      lucky!! :P

      if it isn't hot here then it's raining. xD we're either water skiing in the streets or frying eggs on the pavement.

    2. Ugh...


      @ArodynamicallyFavored Actually the 10°C drop came along with a nice fresh rain xD but nothing enough to be concerned about :)

  11. You arrive home, but you discover that while you were away, a stranger took your place, your name, and everyone is convinced that he is you. Your friends now think that you are a mentally ill homeless guy and call the police. I wish I was better at cooking.
  12. From my understanding platonic attraction is basically who you are more platonically comfortable with... or is it about squishes? Either way I'd tend to think that I am heteroplatonic, or maybe panplatonic... I generally feel more comfortable around male friends mostly because they are much more simple and more funny than most of my female friends. I don't know I'm platonically attracted to anyone who can entertain me
  13. I must say you are very unfortunate
  14. Welcome fellow band geek!
  15. One of the flies that touched your skin was the carrier of a new deadly virus... you succumb after contaminating all of your friends. I wish people would stop getting offended that easily.
  16. it rains so much that your house is destroyed because of a landslide. I wish I could live closer to my college.
  17. It gets stolen. I wish movie producers would stop making shitty sequels.
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