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  1. I realized overtime that society brainwashes us with so many romantic things that, for aromantics, it is very hard afterward to distinguish what is what, since most of us were conditioned to think that everything is about romantic stuff.
  2. Hi Evy! Most of the literature I have read is French literature, and I can say that romance is highly present when it's not the main inspiration of writers. However, the play En attendant Godot (Waiting for Godot in English) by Samuel Beckett contains no explicit romance and no sexual references. The two main character kinda form an old couple, but nothings indicates that it is romantic.
  3. When I was 8, one of my neighbours who was in the same class would always come to my house to play with me. The thing is that I was a very intellectual and precious kid, and this guy was the stupidest most disgusting kid of the class (I have nothing against people with less friends, but when they look, act, and think like crap, I have absolutely no desire to have any interactions with them). I kept telling my mother to pretend like I was out, but she would invite him anyway because "you never invite anyone here and you never go out to see your friends, and he lives near, you should become friend with him instead of being so solitary all the time!" I could not explain to her what real friendship means since, at the time, it seemed totally useless anyway. Why should I talk to others when I can create an infinity of worlds and mystic creatures in my own mind? Why should I play with a ball with other kids when I can just look at the couds? That's the kind of kid I was. The fact that my mother mixed friends and acquaintances probably didn't help either, because I had nothing in common with most of these "friends".
  4. Haven't you got used to it overtime?
  5. Does This kind of tea contains These ingredients? Do you infuse it at This temperature as well? I need to make some!
  6. I scored 16... Not that surprised, as a child I was ALWAYS crying but I would never know why. Now I only cry because of movies and music and art, the rest of the time I just get reaaaaaally upset especially with specific noises (mouth noises of any kind are the WORSTS! and dishes knocking...). I sometimes have to change room to calm down during dinner when other people are making too much noises while eating. Also I get easily annoyed by people and get overly upset if they talk to me when I'm not in the mood.
  7. Welcome to Arocalypse! By the way, you seem very aro-ace to me!
  8. wow, you really need to fix that
  9. For whatever sci-fi reason, the earth's orbit around the sun stopped resulting in a global disaster. Good news is: the summer solstice will never end! I wish clients at my job were more reasonable.
  10. I don't know what normal food is supposed to be to you... so I just go with my idea of normal food and from now on everything you eat either has a ton of maple syrup on it or a ton of salt. I wish summer was over already.
  11. I'm thinking of how much time I waste when I sleep properly... why can't I just take a few 30min-1h naps? Cooking and washing the dishes also takes away a big part of my time... but I want to save money and eat more healthy
  12. yeah, you have a good point on this
  13. actually, we can do what we want with this thread because its only restriction is that whoever is the last comment for 24h wins! So it can turn into any kind of thread
  14. It is, but nobody cares about your birthday. I wish my room would be more clean.
  15. I was just thinking of how much I have accomplished in the past few years both in my personal and professional life, but also how much is still coming. For some reasons, I now feel like a kid who can't wait to see the next episode of their favorite show.
  16. That was very beneficial to me. Before spending times on Arocalypse, I always had this negative vibe surrounding me of "You should not be around 'normal people', you don't belong here, talking with them is a waste of time and energy, why are you even trying to become friends with them?". Then one day I came across this forum and I became more positive because: 1- I can finally relate to some other people, which is very helpful because I don't thing any non-aromantic will ever say anything helpful to me about aromanticism 2- I now realize how ignorant people truly are and can't really be mad at them for it anymore (don't get me wrong, I am still very disappointed by it) 3- I am now a lot more confident with being aromantic, therefore, invalidating comments or anything else of the sort just seems insignificant and do not have any impact on me anymore.
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