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  1. I can relate... my mother was ALWAYS asking me: "so, which guy is the most interesting? oh, come on, there HAS to be ONE! Or would it be a girl? You can tell me if it's a girl, I won't judge you! Stop pretending to be above everything, it's okay to be attracted to someone!" etc...
  2. glad this kept going while I was away!
  3. Currently in my second year of college in jazz piano! I used to play french horn, and I now play a few latin percussions. Also I just became really addicted to synths of all kinds! I am planning on eventually raising money for my college to by a Moog and maybe something else? It's a shame they still didn't bought one! I mean, Nords are okay, but they definitely lack a few details that you can only find on real synthetizers.
  4. 1-the new laptop crashes after 10 minutes 2-the signal is so intense that it causes you to get cancer I wish I had a pause somewhere in my 9am to 6pm (literally) non-stop classes Mondays...
  5. Your house is full of a very toxic kind of mushroom that affects your health, you have to move out! I wish the renovations in my college were over.
  6. I let my car, unlocked, in the parking of a train station, for an entire day... Fortunately it was still there and in one piece when I came back. How lucky!

  7. Back to college! Which means no more free time for me... 

  8. They do, but whatever they wrote becomes reality. I wish I had more storage room.
  9. You suddenly become nihilist, therefore snails and slugs don't really exist to you, neither does the entire Universe. I wish my cat would stop laying on my important papers when I need them.
  10. Thank you, God of this thread!
  11. I get the same feeling (except that I am very, like VERY, aromantic) and I'm always afraid that they would develop romantic feelings towards me. I tend to react badly when someone confesses their love to me in a way or an other. I don't want to avoid them for it though... I feel like it would be a bit unfair to avoid a great friend just because they might feel something that I don't. Anyway, I just deal with this as it's just something that I'll have to go through many times in my life. It forces me to appreciate their friendship even more while it lasts.
  12. I've never actually lived it because it usually happens when my friends play truth or dare or some random drinking game which are two situations that I avoid.
  13. *cough* Natasha and Bruce in the Avengers 2 *cough*
  14. How many posts fit on one page?
  15. @Louis Hypo Bad traduction, sorry. I meant ad... like an ad that you have to watch entirely before you can skip. They killed Zemaddog D: I wish I'd never have to drive again.
  16. You can, but you have to watch a full publicity every time you want to Shazam a song. I wish my neighbours weren't noisy kids.
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