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  1. Is it even possible to breath in such a temperature?!!
  2. Thank you, that is very kind! *takes a brownie* *or two*
  3. The characters of these worlds develop a cult and try to sacrifice your body by eating it to free your soul. I wish I could speak every languages and dialects existing in the univers (even those which might exist on other planets, who knows!)
  4. Usually, when people are getting too insistant on the "why" of aromanticism, I question them about romanticism until they realize than they don't even know what romance really is. How am I suppose to explain why I don't feel something that can't be properly explained by those who feel it? And then they realize how pointless trying to argue over romantic feelings with me is, and they leave.
  5. haha I almost prefer this version (I just saw the little mermaid song)
  6. The only "butterflies in the stomach" I've experienced were more painful than "romantic". It felt almost like I was being stabbed (ok maybe not that painful, but I don't know how to describe it otherwise) both in the stomach and in the ribs. My young and naive self came up with the conclusion that people were insane for loving such a horrible feeling. Years later I realized that I was just REALLY uncomfortable with the idea of anything romantic and that this pain was kind of an internal red alert. (It might have been anxiety attacks, but I don't really experience anxiety in general so I can't compare... not sure what to think)
  7. I am confused... you win! You suddenly stop feeling sick, you realize how health is fragile and enter an endless vortex of existential crisis. I wish I could explore the deepest waters of the Pacific Ocean without the risks of death.
  8. It's the same for me in Quebec, but with cold temperatures. A humid -5C makes me want to die compared to a dry -30C (if you forget about frostbites of course).
  9. They are, but they let you down at the last minute to go on a date. I wish this post wasn't ignored like the previous one I made.
  10. Because, to me, It's hot even with a t-shirt and shorts on, and I am more comfortable with long sleeves and jeans, also because they keep me from burning under the sun since I hate sunscreen and it doesn't work on my skin most of the time.
  11. I do too and I still call it hot
  12. Obvious, the plane crashed in the building. I wish I could stay concentrated for a longer period of time.
  13. I hate heat. I really do. I love when I go outside and feel my face turning cold. I don't like when it's humid though. Once in a while I also enjoy really cold temperature... but not more than two or three days in a row because you can't go outside for too long What kinds of temperature do you prefer? Feel free to specify Edit: I should have written it before, but the "hot" "cool" and "cold" are subjective... just vote according to the temperature or choose other or... whatever you do what you want I guess
  14. @Zemaddog hahaha sorry again
  15. @Zemaddog It's okay I always use references than people don't get too.
  16. @Zemaddog No I didn't, sorry
  17. I heard it has a taste of strawberries, but who knows? Divine flavors should not be known by the human kind, thus they would elevate to become better gourmet than the gods!
  18. Unless you have the godly stomach to digest all this power.
  19. I have never even tried! Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Also, I always thought that there were better things to waste my time and energy on.
  20. For the biggest part of my life I haven't even considered myself human because of all those concepts that were "the normal thing". I never really understood gender, I always thought it was more like personality traits associated to opposite poles, kinda like how you might describe earth as the opposite of how you would describe water. But like every other concept that I had to find a hypothetical explanation for, its a very shaky explanation and I am not convinced by it myself.
  21. Yeah, I was thinking the same, but romantic people would always argue about "true love" being a romantic thing. For the aromantic vocabulary, I prefer to use terms like appreciation and complicity to describe my feelings and friendships. "I appreciate that they are this, this, and this. We have a good complicity when it comes to that, etc."
  22. I made the personal choice of being atheist against my family's support. My mother is the kind of religious person that calls "satan" whatever she considers evil but always rely on God to get anything good from the life. No need to say that this wasn't the best model of religion I could get... So I decided to be atheist because I wanted to believe in humans capable of doing great things, in a beautiful organized material univers existing of itself (which I am a part of), and most of all, I wanted to believe in my own capacity to make good and achieve happiness. In the end, it doesn't matter what one believe in or not. As long as it motivates one to do good.
  23. I personally don't get very jealous in these situations, but I easily get mad if they start to ignore me or if they are putting me appart of anything I would normally be a part of. (dinners, discussions, etc.) I understand that they might want to spend time with their special one, but , hey, I'm still your friend!!! I think being jealous is okay, as long as you are not hurting anyone
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