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    Non-binary Genderqueer Demigirl (discovered May 2020)
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  1. so, yeah, I'm now saving up for top surgery. It will be a few years but researching, reflecting, and talking to my therapist about it has helped a lot.
  2. I'm considering having top surgery (I'm AFAB with a larger sized chest) What considerations should I do/how do I know if it is right for me or not? PS I have dysphoria about my chest (not just its appearance but also the fact that so much fat exists on my body and they often feel fake or like they are not part of me.)
  3. Thanks for your reply. Sorry I took so long to get back Ok, I know this may be old news at this point and no one asked me, but it turns out part of the reason anyway that I didn't want strangers to gender me is because I am not cis like I thought. I am a genderqueer demigirl. I believe the other main reason I would prefer people to not gender me I'm public would be because I live in a not-queer friendly area and so don't want to deal with hate.
  4. Omg, I love Steven Universe I will have to look into Tower of God
  5. I love One Piece and DuckTales (the reboot is better imo but I did watch the original some growing up so), and a bunch of other ones but those are two of the ones that are current shows. There are probably others I'm just not thinking of at the moment. (I love to re-watch stuff so I have seen Princess Tutu, for instance, like half a dozen times.) As far as romance goes, I much prefer shows without it, lol, but if the plot is good and the characters are well done, then romance doesn't necessarily bother me. I don't enjoy watching the kissing though and tend to look away or focus on what else is happening on screen.
  6. Talking to my cisgendered sister helped me have a revelation about gender this afternoon

  7. My username is Cgirl294 I am aromantic and also asexual. I actually discovered ace first (and then spent a long time trying not to think about romantic orientations because I was a bit scared. I used the term gray-aromantic because I was decently sure my romantic attraction was not hetreoromantic and that's about all.) At the moment, I'm questioning my gender identity. [She/her and they/them pronouns are equally good with me.] I like drawing and a bunch of different shows/books/movies, but mostly those with little to no romance lol I am in the midst of switching careers/wanting to find a new career so I don't really know what I'm doing just generally. I'm a stubborn person with a lot of confidence though, so it's an interesting mix. I'm in my 20s. I live in Texas.
  8. Fireflies by Owl City Show Yourself (Frozen 2) All My Friends by Owl City Cinematic by Owl City Fearless by Malinda Fight Song (I really like the cover by Malinda and I've forgotten the original artist at the moment) Talk to Me by Cavetown
  9. I think some orientations need to basically be spelled out/stated because implied isn't enough. Of course you can get into issues depending on the setting but still representation matters!
  10. I'm not sure if this question is going to make sense or not. I just wish that strangers could leave me be and not assign me a gender at all NOR assign me as genderless. Like why do people have to bring gender identity up even at times when it is not relevant? If I am at the store for instance, just treat me as a human, it doesn't matter what gender identity/expression I have, right? Obviously people are allowed to want to be identified as whatever they want. I'm just wondering if others also find it bothersome to be identified by strangers *I am NOT referring to being misgendered but rather being gendered correctly by a total stranger* Referring primarily to strangers (not friends or family) assigning you a gender/ using gendered terms like sir, ma'am, they, he, she, etc [in real life, not necessarily online] can include people using any term which seems to/implies a gender or lack thereof, does that bother you? {In particular, any people who feel this way and think/know it impacts their gender identity? (I'm questioning my gender and am wondering if I may or may not be cis.)}
  11. glad to have found this, will have to poke around/introduce myself more formally later

  12. I am not sure if anyone has stated this but Elsa I headcannon as aroace! She's an aroace queen! (especially with Frozen 2) Also, Luffy (from One Piece) is definitely aroace (those words are not used but he is shown to not be interested in any gender romantically/sexually) I can't believe I almost forgot Poppy (from Trolls) she is aroace 100% (I headcannon it anyways) I view Branch as ace and gray-aro or maybe demi-aro. I see his and Poppy's relationship as a QPR
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