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  1. Ahh thank you for posting this! I don’t think I’ll be able to be apart of this but I’ll definitely look into the blog! It’s awesome that the attention to the Aro Community seems to be slowly coming to light
  2. @Apathetic Echidna thank you so much, you really are too ? and I don’t think you could ever love yourself too deeply, unless you coneptlelt cut other people out of your lives, which I know you don’t do at all! And wow, that was beautifully put. The metaphor for your mind and body. I often have to learn how to trust in myself, my future, and my own decisions. I think a lot of why I may not accept myself as much is due to how I feel so... alienated here? Like, I’ve gone through thoughts where I could possibly be transgender if ninbiqnry, heck, even therian, and none of those seemed right? Like, I almost feel like I belong in another world, another dimension, like I know I’m me, but I don’t belong with this society or lament earth? I’m so sorry I’m rambling on, but I’m not sure if this has to do either my aromanticism and the fact that my orientation is different, but sometimes it feels like I’m meant to be somewhere else you know? I’m sorry again I know it almost looks like I was high while writing this, but your metaphor really took me aback and I really found myself in it. Thank you so much for sharing, you’re so brave ?
  3. @Apathetic Echidna hey friend, I’m really sorry that you deal with a body issue that effects you in life that way, but I’m glad you’ve figured out how to enjoy your life more and start to slowly accept yourself. Keep living your own life wand do what you want to do, I truly admire the fact that you do this, you stand as a role model for all of us to do this ourselves, I want to learn how to do that! Thank you for sharing, stay strong ?
  4. @bananaslug wow, I’m really sorry you’ve gotten men that act like that and would constantly bother you, that sucks but, I also think it’s interesting that them aging that stuff to you lowered your self-esteem, I think that goes to show that since you didn’t view yourself as “hot” or like someone that would date, those people saw you as someone you were not (if I’m getting this right.) but I think this is a very important lesson for everyone, we need to have self love. I’m working on loving myself more, I really need too. I jsut recently came out as aro, and I’ve gotten so much support from other aros on Instagram and here, yet I’ve been having flip-flop emotions about my orientation still. But anyways, thank you both for sharing! I wish you the best and always love yourself ?
  5. @awkwardchickenpotatodragon You’re welcome! And yea don’t worry allos can struggle with it too
  6. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry! But i agree with everything @NotHeartlesssaid, you need to get away from spaces you were?are hanging out in. These people sound crazy , ignorant, and stupid. You do not deserve to be treated like this. Transgender people and aro allosexuals are not creeps, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. Same here friend. Although I do enjoy hugs and stuff like that, some gestures do make me uncomfortable. As we know, aromanticism is a spectrum. Some aros are more open to cuddling, kissing, holding hands etc., while others like us may feel more aversion to certain gestures, including platonic. Romantic coding is a thing I’ve seem around the community, and I think a possibility may be that those platonic displays of affection may be coded as “romance” for you. It could be for other reasons, but these were some I thought would be nice to think about. Also, no, I don’t think it’s just in aspec communities. I actually do know a couple allos in real life that feel uncomfortable towards certain gestures, whether it be romantic or platonic (my friend doesn’t really like hugs at all.) But thank you for sharing your question! And don’t ever feel stupid for asking, all questions are valid. Have a great day ?
  8. Oh my gosh wow whoever wrote this book has their mind in the right place! I never realized that skaespeare May have written the story to actually portray how crazy it can be, that’s a great analysis. And it’s sad to see that unhealthy relationships are often romanticized in movies, tv shows, etc. It’s not ok to give yourself up for “love” in any circumstances, it should be a relationship of communication and understanding (I mean if I was all I that’s what I would want in a romantic relationship.) Bit anyways, great find!
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