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hi everyone! I'm jess, I'm 19, and I'm happily aro :):aropride: I have been for as long as I can remember really, looking back now, but I only just found the term recently and it fits and sums up everything I've felt. I have some wonderful close friends and I'd love to try being in a qpr at some point, but at the minute I'm still trying to find my feet within the community and this seems like a great place to connect with similar people.


a bit about me: I like music of all genres (seriously, try me), I'm on a mission to tick as many movies off my watch list as possible, I write in my spare time (mostly fanfic), and I love tattoos and my two cats :P


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thanks for the warm welcome guys! glad to hear we're all cat lovers here :)

12 hours ago, Space Triangle Goddess said:

I like hedgehogs and hedgehogs eat catfood so we have that in common i guess.


Welcome. *gives you ice cream of your favourite flavour*


haha we had a couple hedgehogs that would always frequent our back garden for cat food we left outside! :D

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