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Pleased to meet'cha


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Hiya people! I thought I should say hi.


I came here, as I imagine quite a few did, from AVEN. Thank you, Mezzo Forte XD. I'm definitely on the aromantic spectrum, and am romance repulsed. I am sexual, but I'm demisexual, and only sexually attracted to girls... when I myself am female bodied.


Makes it hard to find a date, I can tell you that!


I'm 17, english, and transmasculine. I use genderflux to describe my gender as occasionally I will have a few days where I am merely libramasculine, which used to confuse the heck out of me.


My pronouns are they/them and occasionally he/him, I'm currently trying out the name Aaron, and I am applying for some engineering apprenticeships at the moment. I collect matchbox cars, enjoy playing war games, and am currently in my twelfth year of Hell (school). I am learning to drive, and my favourite items of clothing are my deadpool jacket and rainbow converse. 


Nice to meet you all!



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