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  1. im offended that someone felt the need to change their username to get away from my accusations
  2. name ur baby chernobyl pls
  3. i'm offended that Space triangle Goddess's papos in their signature are squished
  5. i won't hold it against you - youve had time to get attached. Pur-stache will be treated with respect however. he knows some cool wrestling moves
  6. @Zemaddog its called the pur-stache papo. I made him myself
  7. i'm back w/ another #reclaimalways
  8. i'm aro because i am. i don't want biological kids because i have temper problems (wouldnt be able to deal with a baby) and wouldn't be able to conceive the way i want to (i'm trans). If, in the future, i end up in a job were i can support a kid or two, i'll foster or adopt a older child or teen. They're separate things. I'm aro, I just am, but I'm indifferent to having kids because of my personality and experiences.
  9. everyone is saying they picked a crush... like damn did I pick a crush. I had a 'crush' on this boy for two years just because i found him aesthetically attractive... two years when i'd moved to a different school and never had to see him. (just looked him up on fb and he's okay, but young me was freaking stunned at this draco-malfoy pretty boy) Young me seemed to think that crushes weren't things you act on, merely objects to be admired from afar. Last year me was considering asking someone out to see if dating was fun ( am still kind of considering it even though i know it's not a good idea. i hate the idea of not being able to give what they need... I JUST NEED A QPR OKAY
  10. Hiya people! I thought I should say hi. I came here, as I imagine quite a few did, from AVEN. Thank you, Mezzo Forte XD. I'm definitely on the aromantic spectrum, and am romance repulsed. I am sexual, but I'm demisexual, and only sexually attracted to girls... when I myself am female bodied. Makes it hard to find a date, I can tell you that! I'm 17, english, and transmasculine. I use genderflux to describe my gender as occasionally I will have a few days where I am merely libramasculine, which used to confuse the heck out of me. My pronouns are they/them and occasionally he/him, I'm currently trying out the name Aaron, and I am applying for some engineering apprenticeships at the moment. I collect matchbox cars, enjoy playing war games, and am currently in my twelfth year of Hell (school). I am learning to drive, and my favourite items of clothing are my deadpool jacket and rainbow converse. Nice to meet you all! ~riv
  11. 1. I read The Last Archangel on archive of our own. The angels, when not in a vessel, use ne/nem pronouns 2. I am inspired to make my own Supernatural fanfic featuring genderless angels and ne/nem pronouns 3. I research gender neutral pronouns to ensure my grammar is correct- BAM Agender hits me like a ton of bricks, and I am suddenly aware that I. Am. Not. Cis. ... it wasn't as explosive as i made it seem XD. But it was immediate, and certain. I didn't know what I was, but I knew what I was not (ie Female). I kind of slipped into nonbinary for the best part of a year, focusing mainly on other things, and only recently have i been able to fully define my gender. Transmasculine and libramasuline, AKA genderflux
  12. rivkael


    i was such an oblivious child *facepalms* people were dating in primary school and I never knew, and my primary school had 100 students, maximum. young me didn't notice when people started dating unless I was told explicitly. I have had several people have crushes on me, and eventually just told them i was a lesbian. it's probably spread but tbh i don't care. If people think i'm a lesbian (haha i'm not even female), stereotypes dictate I must be alone most of the time, right? unrelated but funny; at the very start of secondary school, one of the 'popular girls' asked me if i was a virgin. Poor sheltered me was barely aware of what that word meant, so did not make a comeback like 'are you?' or 'none of your business'. (fyi girl, still a virgin)
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