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Bit of a loner

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Until a few years ago I never thought of having no desire of being in any kind of romantic relationship as a way a person was oriented. But over the past few years I'm glad to know the reason is just because that's who I am. 


I never dated ate doe had a girlfriend in high school. I took a girl to the junior prom because I was pressured into asking her. But I did what I wanted for my senior prom and went stag. 


I didn't date anyone through college either. My parents thought I was weird and they actually were quite mean to me about it and caused me to feel horrible about myself. 


Upon graduating college I ended up marrying someone to make my parents happy. It was the most horrible time of my life and I was severely depressed. It wasn't until I divorced and stood up to everyone that I became happy with myself. 


Don't let others pressure you to be who you aren't. It doesn't work and only hurts you and others in the end. 

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