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Economic Pros and Cons of being Aromantic (single)

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So, what are some economic pros and cons of being a single aromantic? Things that you have thought about or you have experienced yourself? I've been curious about this as I graduate from college in a few years and I'm unsure how being Aromantic will impact my life, economically.

Personally, I think it would save on wedding and food costs but also lack another source of income to share for a house. Also can get away with a smaller bed lol.

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13 hours ago, Macarkeys said:

 I've been curious about this as I graduate from college in a few years and I'm unsure how being Aromantic will impact my life, economically.

I'm pretty much in the same situation, so this is something I think about too! 

I think it depends a lot on the kind of life you want to have. I'm not 100% sure, but I'd like to have a child someday. And being a single aromantic makes that very very hard economically. I don't even want to think about how much tuition will cost in 20 years!

There's also some other stuff that's hard with a single income: medical emergencies, taking care of pets, traveling/vacations, big purchases like a car or a home...

And of course there'sme sociocultural stuff that factors in. I'm latin american and, generally, here living with your family well into your adulthood (and even all your life) is perfectly normal. So sharing a house can be a much smaller burden.

Pros is kind of harder for me, but I'd love to hear from other aros (especially the older ones that know more about adulting lol)! The only things that come to mind are like, saving on anniversaries/valentine's day gifts? Ooooh and rings! Those are also crazy expensive! But y'know aros can still celebrate anniversaries with friends/partners/etc and we can buy fancy expensive rings (either for ourselves or other people jajaja).

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I am on very good terms with my aging parents, so I continue to live at home with them. This means that I can be very close if they need help as they age which can cut costs around elder care. Not to mention all the money saved from pooling income within the family. 

In a lot of other cultures it is normal for households to be multi-generational (which Whirl mentioned) but where I am from couples don't generally stay with parents which means they buy or rent which is a lot of money these days.

There's also no expectation of expensive gifts within a relationship. I can save money for myself and I have no interest in kids which a large financial burden. 


Economic cons...well, for me I don't really have any. I can save the money I make.

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As I recently expressed to an aunt of mine, I am quite willing to live with my parents until they die.  Any kids I foster/adopt will grow up with grandparents in the household.  I also hope that (this is macabre) a certain friend of mine will move in when my Grandma dies.

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